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This best-selling PDF tool is on sale for just $30

The world’s reliance on PDF files knows no bounds. Ideal for sharing and sending everything from business reports and term papers to images and screenshots, PDFs remain one of the most widely-used and reliable ways to share valuable information regardless of your specific operating system.

The only problem is that these files are also incredibly difficult to work with and edit, and attempting to do even simple things like add text or adjust an image can be a headache-inducing nightmare.

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This best-selling business and management bundle is on sale for $30

It’s no secret that the economic landscape is shifting at a dramatic pace. As the world continues to wrestle with the fallout and effects of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses of all sizes and in every industry are scrambling to adapt to a new normal in which work is done remotely and teams are managed from afar.

This means that if you’re either currently running a business or interested in launching a startup, you need to take a deep dive into  [Read More…]

Unleash your inner artist with this best-selling illustration bundle

It’s a common and unfortunate myth that you need to be born with a certain set of talents in order to become good at drawing and illustration. In fact, the best visual artists in any medium tend to put in countless hours of practice in order to get to a point where they can create pro-level work, and you can do the same with the right instruction by your side.

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Improve your posture in 2 weeks with this best-selling device

Working on your posture is harder than it sounds. Despite the plethora of advice and encouragement you’ve likely received from your doctor or concerned family members, traditional methods to improve your posture always seem to lead more to pain than gain, and it’s not unlikely that you’ve already resigned yourself to a life of uncomfortable and unhealthy slumping.

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Samsung’s Galaxy A51 was the best-selling Android phone in Q1 2020

The Galaxy S20+ was the third most popular Android phone in the same period.

What you need to know Latest research from Strategy Analytics claims the Galaxy A51 was the bestselling Android smartphone globally in Q1 2020. Samsung is said to have shipped 6 million units of the mid-range smartphone globally during the January-March period. Xiaomi’s entry-level Redmi 8 was the second most popular Android phone worldwide in the same period.

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AC Podcast 473: Crrowd; Best-selling smartphones; LG Velvet

Marton Barcza is here to talk about his new app, Crrowd. It’s a community for crowd-sourced tech reviews and questions you might have about a gadget. He also chats with Daniel and Jerry about the best selling Android phones and why they aren’t necessarily the ones that get the most press coverage.

They discuss what it will take for MediaTek to rise up as a true competitor to Qualcomm, a delay of the next Android 11 public beta,  [Read More…]

Work from home like a pro with this best-selling $40 bundle

There’s simply never been a better time to work from home. Thanks to the unexpected outbreak of the coronavirus and subsequent quarantine, millions of Americans have been forced to forgo their usual office routines and adapt to an entirely new approach to life—making this the ideal time to turn that business idea into a full-fledged reality.

Regardless of whether you’re just interested in making a little money on the side as part of a passive income or you’re  [Read More…]

Redmi Note 8 was the best-selling Android smartphone in Q1 2020

Over 8 million Redmi Note 8/8T phones were shipped in the first quarter of the year.

What you need to know The Redmi Note 8/8T was the best-selling Android smartphone in the first quarter of the year. Samsung’s Galaxy A51 was the second most popular Android phone during the January-March period. The Redmi Note 8 series recently crossed the 30 million unit sales milestone globally.

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This best-selling mindfulness app is over 85% off today

The sudden and swift outbreak of the coronavirus has forced millions of people to stay indoors—robbing them of their usual exercise routine and making it incredibly difficult to stay healthy and subsequently happy.

But when it comes to relieving stress and boosting your mood, taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body. And the good news is that you don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of time or money on  [Read More…]

Grand Theft Auto V is the best-selling game of the decade

Rockstar Games has the reigning champion for the decade.

What you need to know The final NPD report of 2019 has revealed the best-selling games of the decade. Grand Theft Auto V is the best-selling game of the decade. Several other games on the list are Call of Duty titles.

While the December 2019 NPD report has been released, there’s also some additional information available that pertains to the entire past decade of gaming. The NPD Group  [Read More…]