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Google accidentally leaked the Android 11 beta to some Pixel owners

Well, that’s not good.

What you need to know On June 1, Google began rolling out the latest monthly security patch for Pixel devices. Instead of a boring patch, some users were given the Android 11 beta ahead of schedule. The build number for the OTA beta update is RPB1.200504.018.

A new month is a signal for a new monthly security patch for Pixel devices, and the latest June update has proven to be more exciting than  [Read More…]

Android 11 event and beta postponed: ‘Now is not the time to celebrate’

“We’ll be back with more on Android 11, soon.”

What you need to know Android 11 has been delayed. An event and beta release were scheduled for June 3. The development team says “now is not the time to celebrate”, and says more information will be available “soon.”

This morning, Android Developers has announced via Twitter that the beta of Android 11, along with a June 3rd reveal event, has been postponed.

Likely in a display of solidarity,  [Read More…]

Latest WhatsApp beta lets you easily add new contacts via QR codes

QR code support is expected to become available for all beta testers within the next few days.

What you need to know The latest beta version of the WhatsApp for Android app adds support for QR codes. You can now share your contact info with your friends using a QR code. The QR codes can be scanned from within the app to add new contacts.

WhatsApp has introduced a nifty new feature with the latest beta version  [Read More…]

Google begins rolling out tab groups in Chrome Beta

What you need to know Tab groups allow you to sort your tabs using custom names and color labels. Chrome Beta users can start using tab groups today. Google will include tab groups in the next stable build of Chrome, rolling out next week.

Google is making it easier to keep your Chrome tabs organized with its newly announced feature, tab groups. Available today in Chrome Beta, you can now categorize various tabs into separate tab groups, complete with custom  [Read More…]

The Android 11 beta is another reason to buy a Pixel

There is only one sure way to have access to the wonderful (and buggy) bleeding edge of Android: buy Google’s own phone.

The last thing any sensible person should want to do is use beta software on their phone. Your phone is a treasure trove of personal information that should be kept safe by tried and true software, not a test version that has none of the guarantees that come from using software that’s been vetted, tested,  [Read More…]

The latest Chrome Canary beta finally brings Live Caption to the desktop

The company is also working on enabling Live Caption for phone calls.

What you need to know Alongside expanding support for more Android devices, Google is also working to bring Live Caption to the desktop. The latest Chrome Canary release includes an experimental flag to turn the feature on. Live Caption automatically generates captions for any audio or video playing in the browser, even if subtitles aren’t explicitly provided with the source file.

One of the most  [Read More…]

Echo VR open beta brings zero-gravity multiplayer to your Oculus Quest

Ender’s Game becomes a real game with Echo VR

What you need to know Echo VR open beta is available for free all Oculus Quest owners on the Oculus Store. Echo VR, formerly known as Echo Arena, pits players in zero-gravity arenas with the goal to throw a disc through a goal on the opposing team’s side. Oculus Quest players can play with Oculus Rift players in the same arenas.

It’s been a long time coming, but  [Read More…]

Vivaldi’s Android browser exits beta, picks up native ad blocking

Vivaldi browser is packed with features and protects your privacy.

What you need to know Vivaldi’s Android browser is now out of beta, and it is available for download on the Play Store. The browser is picking up native ad blocking and tracking protection with the release. With a lot of features on offer and a clean interface with a toolbar at the bottom, Vivaldi’s mobile browser is definitely worth a look.

Vivaldi is one of the  [Read More…]

New WhatsApp beta expands group call limit to eight people

The feature is live in the latest betas for both iOS and Android.

What you need to know WhatsApp is expanding the maximum number of participants allowed in a group call to eight. It’s also making it easier to start group calls in group chats of four people or fewer. The changes are rolling out in the latest iOS and Android betas, so a formal release shouldn’t be too far off.

It was only a few days  [Read More…]

New WhatsApp beta points to better search and new rules to save your data

None of these features are functional at the moment.

What you need to know The latest beta for WhatsApp contains work-in-progress code for a number of exciting new features. It includes the UI for what Advanced Search and password protection for backups will look like. There are also indications that the company is working on new rules that prevent frequently forwarded messages from being downloaded to your phone automatically.

WhatsApp is working on quite a few features  [Read More…]