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One UI vs. OxygenOS: Which is the better Android version?

One UI Samsung Galaxy S20

$ 800 at Samsung

Pros Designed around one-handed use Ample customization tools Kids and Easy Mode Blue light filter Endless features to play with Cons Can feel a little overwhelming at times Design might be too cartoony for some

Samsung’s software has changed and evolved a lot over the years, with the most recent iteration taking the shape of One UI. One UI has a distinct appearance, which you may love  [Read More…]

How much battery life are you going to sacrifice for better ANC?

The Sony WF-SP800N and AirPods Pro are both true wireless earbuds with active noise cancelation (ANC). Though, one set of earbuds trade ANC performance for battery life, while the other have excellent ANC but worse battery life.

Battery life for days Sony WF-SP800N

$ 200 at Best Buy

Pros Long battery life IP55 dust and water resistance Great, customizable sound Superb comfort USB-C for charging Cons Lacks wireless charging case Case is bigger Only decent ANC performance  [Read More…]

Becoming a better writer can help you in many facets of life—this bundle is designed to turn you into one

Everyone can write, but not everyone is capable of writing well. Even if you’re not a professional writer or plan on ever being one, having superior writing skills can benefit various facets of your life. From writing an email to your boss as to how you deserve a promotion or putting together a Craigslist ad and enticing people to buy your old cabinet, having the proficiency to weave compelling and powerful words together can take you places.

If you want  [Read More…]

Are you Aware that Nest’s subscription service makes the Hello even better?

Best answer: Of course! You can still access live footage from your Nest Hello product, and you’ll still be able to use the Nest app whenever you get a notification, just to see who’s at the door or if your product detects movement. You just won’t get some useful features.

Who’s there?: Nest Hello ($ 230 at Best Buy) Oversee it all: Nest Aware (From $ 60/year at Google) Is Nest Aware important?

While you can get  [Read More…]

Zoom is better than Google Meet — here are 6 reasons why

Google Meet is great, but Zoom has a few key advantages.

Video conferencing apps have been an essential tool for a lot of companies for a while, but thanks to recent global events, they’ve exploded in popularity like never before.

There are numerous apps out there that you can use for video calling, two of the most popular being Zoom and Google Meet. These are apps focused on enterprise/business use, and each one has its own set  [Read More…]

5 reasons Google Meet is better than Zoom for the average person

Skip the Zoom drama and Meet a better way to video chat.

Living alone, the only way I see my friends and family right now is video chatting apps, and there certainly are plenty to choose from these days. Zoom has been the in-vogue video app of the last several weeks, but since that Google Meet is free for everyone this summer, you should absolutely move your chats over to Meet instead.

While Google Meet was built  [Read More…]

Roborock’s best vacuum cleaner just got better with the S6 MaxV

Roborock has taken off in recent years with robot vacuums that see continuous improvements, and now the company is raising the bar again with the Roborock S6 MaxV. The new vacuum tops the company’s offerings, combining the best feature of earlier models with more power and some new smarts.

Inside of the Roborock S6 MaxV, a Qualcomm® APQ8053 processor chip upgrades the processing power and intelligence of the vacuum. Roborock has combined that upgrade with a dual camera  [Read More…]

Google Duo is getting 4 exciting upgrades to make video calls even better

Better video quality, larger group calls, and more!

What you need to know Duo’s end to end encrypted calling is getting a new video codec to improve call quality and reliability. You can now take a photo with the person you’re chatting with, so you can create memories together. Group call size recently increased from eight to twelve participants, with plans to further grow that limit.

Google Duo, like many other video calling platforms, has seen a  [Read More…]

Here’s how to take better portrait photos with your phone

Portrait photography goes back a long way and it remains one of the most popular ways to capture someone in a moment. The occasion can vary a great deal, but the point is to focus on someone and capture emotion, no matter the time, place, or person involved. Smartphones not only have superb cameras nowadays but also the ability to take great portraits. They may not be able to truly match the larger sensors and lenses of DSLR  [Read More…]

Don’t miss Better Call Saul’s season finale with our guide

When AMC’s Breaking Bad ended back in 2013, fans were upset by the idea that they would never see Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Saul Goodman again. Thankfully though, just two years later the network debuted a new show called Better Call Saul which follows Saul Goodman in the years leading up to when he first met Walter White. The show’s season 5 finale is set to premiere on Monday, April 20 and we have all the details on how  [Read More…]