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BlackBerry Priv versus Samsung’s Note 5 keyboard case

BlackBerry users, both legacy and those waiting patiently for the new Priv to arrive, know what a nice smartphone keyboard is like. The rest of the world may have forgotten, due largely to the meager offerings from other companies over the last few years. The only company to come close to releasing a worthy smartphone keyboard in the last year is Samsung, and rather than baking the keyboard into the phone you clip an accessory on to  [Read More…]

In pictures: BlackBerry Priv versus iPhone 6s Plus

Lots of people have switched away from BlackBerry, but now there’s a real reason to consider switching back.

The reasons may have been personal, professional, or both, but there are a lot of iPhone users out there today that used to be BlackBerry users. These are people who used BlackBerry for work, or just wanted something to better deal with email in the early days of smartphones, and when the iPhone started to get really good  [Read More…]

How to enable developer options on the BlackBerry Priv

The BlackBerry Priv is going to introduce a good many people to Android, and we’re here to help guide you along the way. You’ll eventually see talk online about things you can set in the developer options on your new Priv, so here’s a handy guide to enabling them.

How to enable app sideloading on your BlackBerry Priv

Out of the box, all Android phones are set so that only applications from Google Play can be downloaded and installed. It’s a safety thing, and keeps you from installing those malicious applications you keep hearing about but don’t know anyone who was ever affected by them. We think that most users should leave things at the default and enjoy the over one million apps in Google Play, but there is one very good reason to change  [Read More…]

How to change the recent apps view on the BlackBerry Priv

One of the few visual changes BlackBerry made to the user interface on the Priv over how Google does things was to the recent apps view. Some will like it, some will not. If you’re a long time Android user you may well hanker for the traditional Rolodex view that’s been with us since Lollipop debuted.

Fortunately, while BlackBerry changed things a little, it also left it very easy to undo and go back to something more  [Read More…]

Five things to know about the BlackBerry Priv

You probably have some questions about this phone. Here are some answers.

Close to the top of the list of things a lot of people who talk about smartphones all day have was probably something about BlackBerry never making a good Android phone, and today that is being crossed of all around the world. The BlackBerry Priv is here, and it’s got a lot of folks seriously questioning the need for a physical keyboard on their  [Read More…]

How to search Google using just the BlackBerry Priv keyboard

The BlackBerry Priv has a pretty awesome hardware keyboard and its probably something you’re going to use a lot. One neat trick is that you can just start typing and immediately search Google. We’re using Google as an example here, but the same steps can also be applied to the on board BlackBerry Device Search.

Here’s what you need to do.

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What are popup widgets on the BlackBerry Priv and how do you use them?

Widgets on Android are great, but they can also be incredibly messy across your different home screens. The BlackBerry Priv has a fantastic way to keep using and interacting with them, but also hiding them in plain sight.

It’s called popup widgets and it allows you to view any app widgets with just a swipe over the app icon. Keep information handy and visual clutter to a minimum.

Here’s what you need to know.

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How to change the swipe shortcuts on the BlackBerry Priv

On a regular Android phone, swiping up from the home button gives you access to Google Now. On the BlackBerry Priv it can do much more than that. Swiping up will give you three options instead of one, and two of them can be customized. Google Now is locked in place, you can’t change that, but the left and right slots can be changed to almost anything you want.

Here’s what you need to know.

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Required reading: CrackBerry reviews the BlackBerry Priv

Since BlackBerry decided to come over to the Android world with the Priv, we finally had an opportunity to review a BlackBerry for ourselves here at Android Central. But the folks over at CrackBerry have been reviewing them since … well, BlackBerry has been making phones.