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BlackBerry’s stronger, more resilient KEYone units are here

BlackBerry Mobile promised it would make things right, and it has done just that.

In early June, a prominent YouTuber broke — nay, destroyed — a KEYone, and BlackBerry Mobile was forced to defend its new baby, a phone that had, until that point, been largely without controversy. The company promised it would make things right, and it has done just that.

It claimed that only a small number of people were experiencing issues with the KEYone’s display detaching  [Read More…]

Everything you need to know about BlackBerry’s apps on the KEYone

How to make the most out of the BlackBerry apps pre-installed on the KEYone.

The BlackBerry KEYone comes with a full set of productivity apps preinstalled. If you’re coming from an Android phone you’ll recognize most of them from Google Play, and from an end user perspective, they are identical. If you’re coming from a BlackBerry OS phone you might recognize the names but the apps will be a little different. Either way, most anything you need  [Read More…]

BlackBerry’s Notable app lets you quickly annotate screenshots

BlackBerry may not be making its smartphones anymore, but it’s still producing productivity-focused apps.

To help extend the excitement of the forthcoming BlackBerry Mercury, the company has launched BlackBerry Notable for BlackBerry Hub+ users. The app allows you to annotate screenshots before opening them up in other applications, or you can start with a blank canvas. You can draw, add text, and make collages. It’s a fairly simplistic app that looks and functions a bit like Google  [Read More…]

BlackBerry’s DTEK60 is its most powerful phone yet

BlackBerry has announced its latest smartphone today, the oft-leaked DTEK60. Succeeding the DTEK50, which was announced earlier in the year, the DTEK60 is also made by Chinese manufacturer TCL, but steps up the specs, and the price, significantly, for people looking to interact with BlackBerry’s heralded Android software suite.

With a 5.5-inch QHD display, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 3,000mAh battery, and 21 megapixel rear camera, the BlackBerry DTEK60 is considerably more powerful than its  [Read More…]

Keep your Priv safe in BlackBerry’s leather sleeve for $16.95 today!

If you want to keep your BlackBerry Priv protected when it’s not in use, the BlackBerry leather pocket sleeve is a great choice. Available in both black and tan, you can easily slide your Priv in and out, and keep it protected in your pocket, bags and other places from scratches and dents. You can save almost 60% on the purchase today.

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BlackBerry’s President of Devices on the Priv, Android, security and keyboards

10 questions with Ron Louks, the man leading the charge behind the Priv by BlackBerry, the company’s first Android handset

Already available for pre-order, the BlackBerry Priv begins shipping on November 6th. For BlackBerry, the launch of this Android-powered slider is a BIG deal. For the first time in the company’s long history of building smartphones, BlackBerry is shipping a device that doesn’t feature a proprietary operating system built in-house. Instead, they have committed to Android, a move that  [Read More…]

BlackBerry’s Venice slider to be released as the BlackBerry Priv

Ever since the device was teased at Mobile World Congress, the upcoming Android-powered BlackBerry slider has been known by its internal codename Venice but a new post from @evleaks may have revealed the go-to-market name for the device. According to @evelaks, when BlackBerry decides to announce the slider officially, it will arrive as the BlackBerry Priv.

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BlackBerry’s Android-powered Venice caught in hands-on video

Now that the BlackBerry Venice has seemingly made its way out of Waterloo in a larger way, the leaks have been coming rather quickly. A few days ago, the device was snapped up in several new images but now, the device has been caught in a hands-on video, oddly enough from a Bell Mobility retailer. Although the video doesn’t go very deep into the device, we get a pretty good look at some of the basics such as  [Read More…]

Mobile Nations Weekly: Samsung’s new Note, BlackBerry’s future, and building to Windows 10 Mobile

Another insane week has passed, and so it’s time to take a look back: this is Mobile Nations Weekly!.

This week started off kind of on the quiet side, but if there’s one company that will never let quiet stand, it’s Samsung. So they mixed things up with the announcement of the latest in their popular big-screened stylus-toting Note series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It’s an impressive device on its own, but Samsung somehow felt  [Read More…]

BlackBerry’s Android App Player not all it’s cracked up to be?

BlackBerry Android App Player

A big question we’ve had since RIM first announced that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet would be able to run some Android applications was “Why?” Another question has been “Would a developer really want to?”

We’re getting a little insight into that courtesy of pals at CrackBerry. The tl;dr version:

This seems to be a short term solution for a long term problem. For years RIM rested on their laurels doing  [Read More…]