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Ethics board warns contact tracing apps could amplify inequality

In the UK, 21% of adults do not own a smartphone.

What you need to know An Ethics Board has warned the NHS that its contact tracing app could exacerbate inequality. That’s because 21% of British adults don’t own a smartphone. The warning highlights the wider global limitation of contact tracing.

An ethics board has warned the NHS that its contact tracing app could amplify inequality in the UK, on the basis that 21% of adults do  [Read More…]

HBO announces The Last of Us TV series with game writer on board

Joel and Ellie’s travels are being revisited on HBO.

What you need to know An exclusive report from THR reveals that a TV show for The Last of Us is in development at HBO. The show will be co-written by Chernobyl writer Craig Mazin and Naught Dog director Neil Druckmann. The show will be an adaption of the events of the first game.

Updated March 25, 2020 : IGN has confirmed that this project replaces the  [Read More…]

Terraforming Mars is an award-winning board game you can play on your phone

Terraforming Mars is one of the most celebrated strategy board games released in the past decade. A digital version of the game was released on Steam last year, and now fans can enjoy playing the game on their smartphones, too.

While I never played the board game myself, my old roommates were absolutely obsessed with Terraforming Mars. I’d often come home to see our kitchen table taken over by a giant map of Mars and find them deeply  [Read More…]

You’ll want to Carcas-own this board game on Prime Day

There is a reason this game is so popular

There was a time when Board games were a lot of fun to play with family, then the dark ages came, where only Monopoly and Risk existed, and the world was without light. Then a new wave of games came along, ones that changed the old dynamics and made family nights fun again.

Carcassonne is one of those games — the pillars of modern gaming as I call them —  [Read More…]

New Super Monkey Ball game listed on Korean ratings board for PlayStation 4

The series is coming back.

What you need to know Super Monkey Ball is a series of platformer games from Sega, with the latest entry releasing in 2014. An entry on a Korean ratings board indicates that another game may be on the way to the PlayStation 4. With this rating, it seems likely that a reveal could be happening fairly soon.

Super Monkey Ball is a series of platformer games developed by  [Read More…]

Rogers board member says Huawei should be banned from Canada’s 5G network

This would be a big blow for 5G in the Great White North.

What you need to know Philip Lind from Rogers doesn’t like Huawei’s close relationship to the Chinese government. Mike Pence and Justin Trudeau are meeting on May 30 to discuss the Huawei ban. The ban is scheduled to go into effect on August 19.

Huawei’s impending ban from the U.S. government, which goes into effect on August 19, has been creating a lot of  [Read More…]

Eric Schmidt isn’t seeking re-election for Alphabet’s Board of Directors

Diane Green is also leaving.

Christophe Morin via Getty Images

Just a day after Alphabet’s Q1 2019 earnings call with investors, the company has issued a press release announcing that Eric Schmidt will not be seeking re-election to Alphabet’s Board of Directors once his current term expires on June 19, 2019.

Per John Hennessy, the Chairman of the Board:

Eric has made an extraordinary contribution to Google and Alphabet as CEO, Chairman, and Board member. We  [Read More…]

Get geeky with these awesome Android board games

What are the best board games for Android?

Board games have been experiencing a renaissance in recent years, and it doesn’t take a lot of digging in the Google Play Store to see it reflected on Android as well. If you’re having trouble getting everybody together under one roof or just don’t have any more shelf space for another box, pick up your Android phone or tablet to grab these fantastic board games.

We’ve put together the  [Read More…]

Today’s sale on board games and more is perfect to get the family together

Don’t miss your turn at grabbing these at some of their best prices ever.

Board games, card games and the like are an easy way to get the family all in the same room for the holidays, though you’ll want to be careful you don’t choose anything that will upset the delicate balance between fun and competition (a.k.a. Monopoly). Luckily for you, Amazon is having a one-day sale on tons of games for kids and adults alike  [Read More…]

This Asus Tinker Board S Quad-Core Computer is down to $70

Build your own.

The Asus Tinker Board S Quad-Core Computer is down to $ 69.99 right now on Amazon. It typically sells for around $ 85, and the last deal we shared it only dropped to $ 80. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

This features up to 1.8GHz with 2GB RAM and 16GB of eMMC onboard storage. It also has a high speed non-shared GB LAN port as well as four non-shared USB 2.0  [Read More…]