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Save money or boost the signal on your OnePlus phone with Wi-Fi calling

Whether you’re trying to save some money on your calling plan, or if you just want to take advantage of your strong home Wi-Fi signal while you’re stuck working from home, you should learn how to enable Wi-Fi calling on your smartphone. While there might be a slight discrepancy between carriers or geographic locations, following the steps below should do the trick in toggling on Wi-Fi calling for your OnePlus phone.

How to enable Wi-Fi calling on a  [Read More…]

Master Amazon Web Services and boost your earning potential for just $35

If you’re like most, chances are you’re stuck at home with more time on your hands than you’re used to. Between socially distanced trips to the grocery store and wiping down all the furniture in your house again, hopefully you are making considerations for what you will do when the threat of COVID-19 passes. If you were laid off, will you be prepared to get back out into the working world? Will you be as hirable as possible?  [Read More…]

Boost your productivity when you win an Eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system!

Eero is one of the best-known names in mesh networking, and for good reason. It’s a router system that’s both simple and powerful, and one that makes it easy to configure as big as your house (and beyond) requires without adding needless complication. Eero’s biggest win is in its simplicity. You just plug it in, and it works. There’s no advanced configuration, and the system handles moving devices between the base and Beacons seamlessly. It also has a  [Read More…]

Boost your child’s reading skills at home with a free trial to ReadingIQ

Getting your children hooked on reading early in life can make a serious impact on how they learn and interact with the world in later years. Now with the coronavirus outbreak forcing everyone to stay home over the course of the next few weeks, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce your child to an important way to learn, discover new stories, and keep themselves entertained. Thankfully, ReadingIQ is making that easy, fun, and free this month with a free 30-day  [Read More…]

Boost your productivity with these 5 reading apps, on sale now

If you want to be more successful at work and happier in your personal life, learning how to read quickly and efficiently is an absolute must. From powering through reports at the office to tackling that digital stack of books on your iPad, learning how to be a fast reader is a skill that has to be developed over time, and these five apps and tools will help you get there faster so you can be more productive in 2020.

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Robust Galaxy Note 10 sales helped Samsung’s mobile division boost profits

The company is expecting 5G to be the momentum driver next year.

What you need to know Samsung posted 62 trillion won ($ 53 billion) in revenue and 7.78 trillion won ($ 6.7 billion) in operating profit during the third quarter of 2019. While the company’s third quarter profit declined sharply compared to last, its mobile division registered an increase in profits thanks to the strong sales of the Galaxy Note 10 series. In Q4 2019, Samsung  [Read More…]

What are the differences between Visible and Boost Mobile?

Max data, domestically Visible

From $ 40/mo. at Visible

Pros Unlimited talk, text, and data Unlimited hotspot (5Mbps) Bigger Verizon LTE network Cons No Canada or Mexico option No international roaming

Visible offers a simple plan with unlimited talk, text, and data in the U.S. With Verizon’s robust network providing the backbone, you’ll be able to confidently stay connected even on the move. However, you might have some issues internationally.

Max data, even in  [Read More…]

Mint Mobile vs. Boost Mobile: Which is better for you?

Buy in bulk Mint Mobile

From $ 45 per 3 months at Mint Mobile

Pros T-Mobile LTE network Unlimited talk and text Unlimited slowed data after allowance Free calls to Canada and Mexico Hotspot on every plan Cons Must buy in bulk No unlimited option

Save money by buying in bulk. Plans come with unlimited talk and text and have no overages after you’ve used your data. Speeds are lowered, but you can upgrade your plan  [Read More…]

What happens to Sprint Prepaid, Boost, and Virgin customers under Dish?

The long wait for New T-Mobile is finally coming to an end with clearance from the Department of Justice to complete a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile. One thing you may not have seen coming in this was Dish Network purchasing Sprint Prepaid, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile along with Sprint’s 800Mhz spectrum. So what does this mean for current prepaid customers?

Combining its new Sprint spectrum with its existing portfolio of low-band spectrum, Dish will build a  [Read More…]

Bipartisan bill has been introduced to boost U.S. involvement in 5G

Huawei is one of the world’s leaders in 5G networking equipment.

What you need to know A new bill has been introduced to boost the United States’ involvement in 5G networks globally. The bill was spearheaded by Republican Michael McCaul and cosponsored by Democrat Henry Cuellar. The bill is in response to China’s current dominance in the 5G field and fears over security and lack of competition.

The rollout of 5G has been big news this year  [Read More…]