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We break down the best U.S. wireless carriers

There are four major wireless carriers in the U.S. and they all have a different approach to the same goal. Luckily for the consumers, this competition helps drive these companies to make a better product. No matter your needs, there is a carrier for you. For most people, all of these carriers are likely to have some coverage for you. Overall, T-Mobile has great network performance and looks likely to continue to improve in the next few years  [Read More…]

Here are 9 cheap office desks that won’t break the bank

Working from home can be great, assuming you approach it the right way. Whether your new job is 100% remote or your company is shifting to remote work as a temporary thing, having a good office desk is essential to staying productive and having an enjoyable workday. If you’re shopping for a new desk, there are a plethora of excellent ones out there that are selling for shockingly low prices. Here are a few of our favorites!

Our favorite  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S20 is more likely to break than the S20+ or S20 Ultra

The Galaxy S20 Ultra was deemed the most durable.

What you need to know Third-party warranty provider SquareTrade recently tested the durability of the Samsung Galaxy S20 models. In its testing, SquareTrade found that the Samsung Galaxy S20 was the most prone to breaking. The Galaxy S20 Ultra fared best in all of its testing earning the breakability score of 70.

It should come as no surprise that phones these days are fragile, what do you expect  [Read More…]

Nemesis can break into safe rooms in Resident Evil 3 remake

You’re not necessarily safe in the safe rooms anymore.

What you need to know A new story in OXM has revealed some scary new details for Resident Evil 3 remake. Apparently, Nemesis can now break into safe rooms sometime. Resident Evil 3 remake is scheduled to release on April 3. You can preorder Resident Evil 3 remake on PlayStation 4 for $ 60 from Amazon.

The Resident Evil 3 remake is almost here and the scary news  [Read More…]

Samsung teased the Galaxy Z Flip during the Oscars’ commercial break

The company couldn’t wait till Tuesday.

What you need to know Samsung preempted itself by showing off the Galaxy Z Flip two days before its official unveiling. The foldable was found flipping its way around TVs earlier today during the Oscars’ commercial break. The phone is expected to cost between $ 1,300 and $ 1,400 in the U.S.

Samsung took the wraps off its newest foldable in the most dramatic way possible: during an event filled with  [Read More…]

D-Link home cameras now feature person and glass break detection

D-Link’s Cameras get AI smarts and larger storage.

What you need to know D-Link has released two updated home security cameras for 2020. The cameras feature a new on-the-edge AI that helps with differentiating people from objects. Both cameras will ship from Q2 2020.

D-Link has announced two new cameras with improved security features. These two cameras are the Full HD Pan and Tilt Pro Wi-Fi Camera and the Full HD Indoor and Outdoor Pro Wi-Fi Camera.  [Read More…]

The RCS hack for Android is starting to break

Why don’t good things last?

What you need to know A hack that allowed you to enable RCS on the latest Google Messages beta popped up last week. It seems to have stopped working for some. OnePlus, Pixel, Xiaomi, and Samsung phones seem to be affected, while others are still able to access the new chat experience.

Google’s slowly rolling out its attempt at mimicking the iMessage experience for Android, but with stunted success, mainly due to  [Read More…]

Break a sweat with these great Oculus Quest games

One of the biggest benefits of the Oculus Quest is that it is a physical experience that will get you off of the couch flailing your arms, moving your body back and forth, and get your heart rate pumping during gameplay. Here is a list of the top games that will give you a killer workout in VR.

★ Featured favorite BOXVR

Choose between multiple degrees of difficulty and VR sessions that can last two minutes or  [Read More…]

One Google Pixel 4 feature will make or break it for me: Battery life

Three generations of Pixels have had subpar battery life, and I’m done giving Google a pass.

I’ve been using my Pixel 3 XL for months. Bouncing around between the latest phones, as we all do here, I’ve regularly landed back on the Pixel 3 XL as my “go-to” phone. Of all my phones, it’s the one that I best keep up to date and ready to go at any time. I love its hardware, the amazing photos  [Read More…]

Need a new Chromebook that won’t break the bank? Let us help!

Chromebooks are a great alternative to traditional Windows or Mac laptops, and here at AC, we make it our mission to test out as many as we can to give you the best Chromebook buying advice possible.

Lenovo Chromebook C330

Light and bright

$ 272 from Amazon

Pros Prettier and peppier 64GB of storage 10-hour battery life Bright screen Less expensive Cons No durability certifications Shorter support life

Lenovo took an existing Chromebook platform and  [Read More…]