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Samsung adds new homescreen widgets for the Galaxy Buds and Buds+

You can now check the battery status and lock the touchpad without having to open the Galaxy Wearable app.

What you need to know Samsung is rolling out a new update for the Galaxy Buds and Buds+ plugins on Android. The update adds two new homescreen widgets that make it easier for users to control them. The first widget displays the battery level of both the earbuds and the charging case, while the second one lets you  [Read More…]

Does ANC justify the WF-SP800N’s price tag over the Pixel Buds?

Great package Sony WF-SP800N

$ 200 at Best Buy

Pros Long battery life Bass heavy, customizable sound Excellent comfort USB-C for charging Great ANC performance Cons Lacks wireless charging case Case is a bit large

The WF-SP800N feature ANC, customizable sound, hands-free Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, and longer buds battery life. However, their charging case is much larger than the Pixel Buds’ case.

Compact in every way Google Pixel Buds (2020)

$ 180 at  [Read More…]

Save over half on Samsung’s Galaxy Buds with this one-day refurb deal

As more and more companies come out with their own version of true wireless earbuds, there still remains a spot for a major contender to lead the market for Android devices as Apple does for iOS with its AirPods. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Wireless Earbuds hope to take the reigns, and today you can see if they’re worthy or not for just $ 59.99 via Best Buy. These are Geek Squad Certified Refurbished earbuds meaning they have been tested to  [Read More…]

Galaxy A51 now available unlocked in the U.S. with free Galaxy Buds

The entire package will set you back just $ 400.

What you need to know The Galaxy A51 is Samsung’s latest value flagship to hit the scene. As of May 4, the phone is now available for purchase unlocked in the United States. It was previously limited to select carriers in the country.

Samsung took the mid-range smartphone market by storm last year with its impressive Galaxy A50 handset — a phone that struck an excellent balance  [Read More…]

This Samsung Galaxy Buds+ deal gets you a $25 discount and free Qi charger

B&H has the white Samsung Galaxy Buds+ true wireless earbuds on sale for $ 124.99 for a limited time and in limited supply. They regularly sell for $ 149 so you’re saving around $ 25 which is the biggest discount we’ve seen on them so far. On top of that, B&H is bundling in a Samsung Qi wireless charger worth $ 40 at no extra cost. Shipping is free.

You can read more about the Galaxy Buds+ in our  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Buds now work more like the Buds Plus

Samsung is making the Galaxy Buds more like the Galaxy Buds Plus

What you need to know Samsung is rolling out an update to bring the Galaxy Buds up to par with the Buds Plus. The update adds Swift Pair, Ambient Sound, and Tap & Hold support to the original Buds. The company says the update is rolling out starting today.

The prevalence of software updateable earbuds and headphones mean that just like your phone and laptops,  [Read More…]

Google details new Fast Pair features, coming first to the Pixel Buds

Fast Pair’s updates make the wireless earbuds experience on Android so much better.

What you need to know Google has updated Android’s Fast Pair with new features as it launches new true wireless earbuds. These include find my device, battery notifications, and personalization updates. The new Fast Pair features will be enabled on the Pixel Buds first, with other devices receiving them in the coming months.

Google just launched the Pixel Buds 2 today, and they’re very  [Read More…]

Google Pixel Buds 2020 review: AirPods for the Android world

The second time around, Google dropped quirks and just made a great pair of earbuds.

Google’s first Pixel Buds headphones were quirky, expensive and still had a wire between them in an era where true wireless earbuds were the hot new thing. Over two years later, Google smartly went back to the drawing board for an entirely new design in the second-generation Pixel Buds. They’re now truly wireless, with a fresh look and a much more traditional  [Read More…]

How much of an upgrade are the Galaxy Buds Plus vs. the Galaxy Buds?

Battery champ Samsung Galaxy Buds+

$ 138 at Amazon $ 150 at Best Buy

Pros Class-leading battery life Excellent comfort Great, customizable sound Integration with Spotify Improved microphone for calls Wireless charging Cons Lacks active noise cancelation

The Galaxy Buds+ may look similar to the Galaxy Buds but they offer much better battery life and integration with Spotify. Plus, the call quality has been greatly improved.

Great value Samsung Galaxy Buds

$ 101 at Amazon  [Read More…]

A guide to Earth Day, from your buds at AC, WC, and iMore

Android Central Earth Day 2020: A guide to making better tech decisions in the era of climate change The single most eco-friendly thing you can on Earth Day is … Is wireless, wired charging, or ‘Fast Charging’ more efficient? This fantastic smart plug is an Earth Day essential Fairphone 3 review: The most repairable phone ever An interview with Fairphone about making a sustainable gadget Best ‘green’ tech products and accessories Best eco-friendly phone accessories  [Read More…]