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How BlackBerry built Android but Apple perfected it

BlackBerry started the smartphone craze and Apple changed how we use them. Android has its roots in both and that’s what makes it great.

It all starts back in 2002 when a company called Danger builds a device called the Hicktop — a.k.a. the T-Mobile Sidekick for everyone in the U.S. Yes, there were “data-driven” devices in Japan, and companies were making PDAs, but the smartphone craze can be traced directly back to the Sidekick.

Ironically, the  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition is a rugged flagship built for the army

There is no word on the price tag yet.

What you need to know Samsung has introduced a “rugged” version of the Galaxy S20 called the S20 Tactical Edition. In addition to a rugged case, the phone also comes with a few additional software features. Samsung says the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition will be available in Q3 2020 through “select IT channel partners.”

Samsung has announced a new version of its flagship Galaxy S20 phone tailored for  [Read More…]

24/7 customer support is built into your Pixel phone — here’s how to use it

Google’s Pixel phones have something for everyone. They take phenomenal pictures, Google’s policy for software updates is unmatched, and so on. We commend Google’s clean Android interface for being easy to use, but there may come a time when you just get stuck. Thankfully, Google makes it incredibly easy to get in touch with its customer support team.

Products used in this guide Free customer support: Google Pixel 3a ($ 363 at Amazon) How to contact Google about  [Read More…]

How Google built the Pixel 4’s Recorder app using machine learning

See all that you say, privately.

What you need to know Recorder for Pixel phones utilizes on-device machine learning to analyze and categorize audio recordings for archiving and searching. Recorder keeps these audio transcriptions off of the Internet by only using the processors built into your Pixel phone. Transcriptions can later be searched through by typing in the words or phrases said, and clicking on a word will take you to that point in the timeline.

Machine  [Read More…]

Galaxy Note 10 will have Discord chat built into its Game Launcher

Chat with your friends over Discord while you’re gaming on the move.

What you need to know Samsung Game Launcher is a system-level app that puts the Note 10 into a high-performance mode for gaming. Samsung and Discord have partnered to include Discord chat into the Game Launcher itself.

The Galaxy Note 10 may not be marketed as a “gaming phone” like the ASUS ROG phone series, but it certainly has the hardware for it. Amid features  [Read More…]

These Android phones have Alexa built right in

These days, Alexa seems to be everywhere you look. Amazon’s voice assistant is in speakers, displays, and even microwaves! To no one’s surprise, you can also find Alexa built into certain Android phones. Amazon has a collection of what it calls “Alexa Built-in Phones” to highlight these devices, and in 2019, these are our favorites.

The one to get Moto G7

Staff pick

The Moto G7 is one of the best budget phones you can buy  [Read More…]

Tesla vs Lovecraft is a brilliant game built around a bizarre premise

In my humble opinion, top-down twin-stick shooters are some of the best games you can play on your phone. Few other mobile games can deliver the sort of full freedom of control and frantic action found in this genre, and because the camera is pulled back from the action you can see more of the surrounding area and enemies on a smaller screen, plus modern smartphone hardware is able to churn out games that look incredible and are  [Read More…]

This iDevices smart plug on sale under $30 was built to weather the storm

Voice control this smart plug or use an app on your phone to schedule its usage.

With an iDevices Outdoor Switch, you can begin controlling outdoor lights and appliances with your smartphone. It’s equipped with dual outlets that are controlled simultaneously, and it’s even HomeKit-enabled which lets you control it using Siri voice commands. While you can normally find it priced just above $ 45 on average, right now Amazon is offering the outdoor smart plug for just $  [Read More…]

This slim Xcentz portable charger on sale for $11 has a flashlight built in

Seamless savings.

Use code XCENTZS20 during checkout at Amazon to snag this Xcentz Mini Portable Charger with Flashlight for just $ 10.99. Usually it costs $ 24 and we’ve never seen the price drop this low before. Customer reviews are quite favorable as well.

This slim power bank has a 3350mAh capacity, so while it isn’t going to charge your giant tablet a zillion times, it is perfect for situations like going out after work without your  [Read More…]

Aukey’s tiny USB Car Charger on sale for $6 will look built into your car

Don’t go road trippin’ without one of these discounted USB car chargers!

The worst part about USB car chargers is that many of them are pretty bulky and obtrusive. For a tidier look, you could pick up Aukey’s Dual USB Mini Car Charger which sits almost flush with the edge of your vehicle’s cigarette lighter outlet. It normally sells for up to $ 10 there, but today you can grab one for only $ 6.09 when you  [Read More…]