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Grab a 2-pack Sengled smart bulb starter kit on sale for $30 today only

The Sengled smart LED soft white A-19 starter kit 2-pack is down to $ 29.99 at Best Buy. The sale is part of Best Buy’s deals of the day, which means the price is temporary. The Sengled bulbs are only sold at Best Buy, but they usually sell for $ 40. Right now they’re less than half the cost of the multi-color version of this starter kit, so if there’s any place you could use some smart bulbs but you  [Read More…]

Save $50 on the Amazon Echo Plus and get a free smart plug and smart bulb

Best Buy has the 2nd-generation Amazon Echo Plus smart speaker for $ 50 off, and you’ll get an Amazon Smart Plug and Philips Hue smart bulb thrown in for free. So not only are you only paying $ 99.99 instead of $ 150, you’re getting about $ 40 worth of free stuff.

Amazon’s Echo Plus was the first of Amazon’s devices to be able to handle the Zigbee wireless protocol. That means of all of Amazon’s smart speakers, it  [Read More…]

Here are some great smart LED light bulb kits to get you started

One of the first ways to start getting familiar with a smart home, how it works, and how easy and convenient it is to control devices in the home from your mobile device is through smart lighting. You could grab a single bulb to swap in for an old one and get started there, or consider opting for a starter kit that includes multiple bulbs like the Sengled Smart LED Multicolor A19 Starter Kit, which includes four bulbs  [Read More…]

Lutron joins ‘Friends of Hue’ program with new $40 smart bulb dimmer

The thing with smart lights is that they are really awesome and great, until they are not. Something as simple as someone flipping a switch could mess up the whole system, and that’s honestly just a pain to deal with. In an effort to put this frustration behind, Lutron has joined the “Friends of Hue” program to introduce a new smart bulb dimmer switch, and you can pre-order it starting now. Each smart bulb dimmer will retail for $ 39.95,  [Read More…]

Make your home efficient with this massive Philips LED bulb sale

Amazon has a variety of Philips LED Bulbs on sale. Whether you’re just starting to add LED bulbs to your home, or you want to expand on a setup you already have, this sale is definitely worth checking out. It’s a good idea to switch any light bulbs in your house to LED bulbs, since they use so little energy and last for so long. You’ll definitely get your investment back in the form of a lower electric bill each  [Read More…]

TP-Link’s dimmable white Kasa smart bulb is down to its lowest price at $16

Alexa, dim the lights!

The TP-Link Kasa KL110 dimmable white smart bulb is down to $ 15.99 on Amazon. This is the lowest price ever for this bulb. It matches the price we saw during TP-Link’s one-day Amazon sale yesterday, but thankfully the deal didn’t vanish when the larger sale did. The smart bulb normally sells for around $ 25 and has been selling for $ 20 recently, although this drop is new and unique.

So simple TP-Link Kasa  [Read More…]

Pair a smart bulb with a SmartThings hub and never look back

Not all smart lights are created equal. Thankfully, SmartThings has the ability to work with an extremely wide variety of smart bulbs, leaving you a lot of options. On the flipside, it might be hard to dig deep and find the right light for you. We’ve done the legwork and found the best smart lights to use with SmartThings.

Top Pick Sengled Classic A19

A stellar combination of quality and price, the Sengled Classic A19 bulb not only  [Read More…]

How basic do you want your C by GE smart bulb?

We love smart home tech, and test as many smart bulbs as we can to give you the best recommendations possible.

C by GE C-Life

Simple smart lighting

$ 21 at Amazon

Pros Brighter at 800 lumens Extends the range of other C by GE bulbs Cons Only one color temperature Alexa requires C-Reach hub

The C-Life is a simple smart bulb you can control over Bluetooth. It doesn’t change color, but you can dim  [Read More…]

Dim the lights from anywhere with this $15 TP-Link BR30 LED Smart Bulb

This well-reviewed smart bulb is 50% off today.

Amazon has TP-Link’s Kasa Dimmable LB200 LED Smart Bulb on sale today for just $ 14.99. That’s a pretty stellar deal on it, as it regularly sells for $ 30 and has only dropped this low at Amazon once before today.

Unlike other smart bulbs, this Kasa bulb doesn’t require that you have a separate hub to make it work. You’ll simply need to download the free Kasa app  [Read More…]

LOHAS vs. Philips Hue: Which Wi-Fi smart bulb should you buy?

We love the added convenience brought on by smart home tech, and we try as much of it as we can to give you the best tips on what to buy.

LOHAS Smart LED Bulb

Budget bulb

$ 17 at Amazon

Pros No hub required Extremely affordable Supports Google Assistant and Alexa Cons Weak output Clunky app No HomeKit support

LOHAS makes inexpensive smart lights that operate without a hub and connect to voice assistants  [Read More…]