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This best-selling business and management bundle is on sale for $30

It’s no secret that the economic landscape is shifting at a dramatic pace. As the world continues to wrestle with the fallout and effects of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses of all sizes and in every industry are scrambling to adapt to a new normal in which work is done remotely and teams are managed from afar.

This means that if you’re either currently running a business or interested in launching a startup, you need to take a deep dive into  [Read More…]

This $40 Bundle Can Help You Start a Lucrative Career as a White Hat Hacker

In these uncertain times, finding a secure job is a priority for everyone. While many well-paid careers require college degrees, white hat hacking is open to just about anyone. These cybersecurity experts are paid good money to find the weaknesses in networks, and there is a huge demand for new talent. The Ultimate 2020 White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle helps you get started in this field, with 98 hours of training working towards top exams. You can get it now for  [Read More…]

This $40 Course Bundle Can Help You Build a Profitable YouTube Channel

While everyone is stuck at home, many YouTube channels are seeing higher viewing figures than ever before. If you have considered becoming a professional video maker, now is the time to act. The Complete Content Creator Bundle for YouTube helps you get started, with 10 courses from top instructors. It’s worth $ 1,592, but you can get the training now for just $ 39.99.

YouTube has always been a great place to build an audience or promote a brand. But to make a  [Read More…]

Unleash your inner artist with this best-selling illustration bundle

It’s a common and unfortunate myth that you need to be born with a certain set of talents in order to become good at drawing and illustration. In fact, the best visual artists in any medium tend to put in countless hours of practice in order to get to a point where they can create pro-level work, and you can do the same with the right instruction by your side.

The Fundamental Drawing Bundle for Beginners bundle is a best-selling instructional package  [Read More…]

Learn the ins and outs of Wall Street and trading with this 8-pronged bundle

Just because you’re not some hotshot Wall Street dude doesn’t mean you can’t already rake in tons of revenue from trading in the U.S. market. Just take it from the recently viral Redditor who turned a small investment into a million-dollar gain overnight, as well as Travis Rose, a self-taught trader and investor who put together a set of courses to help aspiring traders find success in the stock market just like him.

If that happens to be you, you  [Read More…]

Becoming a better writer can help you in many facets of life—this bundle is designed to turn you into one

Everyone can write, but not everyone is capable of writing well. Even if you’re not a professional writer or plan on ever being one, having superior writing skills can benefit various facets of your life. From writing an email to your boss as to how you deserve a promotion or putting together a Craigslist ad and enticing people to buy your old cabinet, having the proficiency to weave compelling and powerful words together can take you places.

If you want  [Read More…]

This 300-lesson bundle will turn you into a certified Excel master

If you want to excel in life, you need to learn Excel. No, seriously. That may seem like a bold statement to make, but mastering how to use the spreadsheet app pays off. For one, it can help you land a fatter paycheck or even a promotion. For another, it can turn you into a productivity machine, as proficiency in Excel also means you can be adept in analyzing data, building charts, accounting, and so much more.

Then again, given  [Read More…]

Join Visible and get a free Nimble Charging Bundle with any Google Pixel

It’s important to keep a few months of expenses saved up in case of emergency, and having an expensive phone bill doesn’t make that easy. That’s where Visible comes in. For only $ 40 per month, Visible customers gain access to Verizon’s 4G LTE network along with unlimited data, minutes, and messages. There are no contracts or additional fees to worry about either! You can end the service at any time with no penalties.

Now, thanks to a limited time  [Read More…]

Work from home like a pro with this best-selling $40 bundle

There’s simply never been a better time to work from home. Thanks to the unexpected outbreak of the coronavirus and subsequent quarantine, millions of Americans have been forced to forgo their usual office routines and adapt to an entirely new approach to life—making this the ideal time to turn that business idea into a full-fledged reality.

Regardless of whether you’re just interested in making a little money on the side as part of a passive income or you’re  [Read More…]

Prepare for adventure with a GoPro HERO7 Black bundle at $100 off

Being well-prepared for any outdoor excursion is important, and this latest discounted GoPro HERO7 Black bundle makes staying prepared easy. Right now B&H has GoPro’s The Handler bundle on sale for $ 249, saving you $ 100 off its usual cost. The bundle includes a slew of accessories along with the 4K action camera, and you’ll even score free 2-day shipping with the purchase.

GoPro’s The Handler bundle includes The Handler floating hand grip, a curved adhesive mount and  [Read More…]