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A guide to buying a phone during a pandemic

Make the most of your dollar and time when buying a phone in troubling circumstances.

When there are massive global events impacting all aspects of daily life, you would be forgiven for thinking buying a new phone won’t be top-of-mind for most of us. But technology like smartphones is incredibly important for staying connected and informed, especially in times when human-to-human contact is dramatically minimized and so many of us are working from home.

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Should you really consider buying a phone from BLU?

Best answer: BLU has made affordable Android phones for years, but there have been security scares and a few disastrous bugs throughout its history. BLU phones can give a decent Android experience to users on a very limited budget, but it still hasn’t completely won our trust back yet.

Great budget pick: BLU VIVO XL5 ($ 120 at Amazon)

BLU is a budget phonemaker with some black marks on its track record

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Nreal Light is the first set of Mixed Reality glasses actually worth buying

Finally, Mixed Reality is starting to get good enough for people to enjoy at home.

I was a Day One adopter of Google Glass, complete with the four-hour bus ride to NYC for a custom fitting and all of the awkwardness which followed. I immediately saw a future where computing would happen in front of my eyes, instead of down on a screen. I have continued to be incredibly excited by that future. Google lacked the ability  [Read More…]

What smartphone do you plan on buying in 2020?

Let’s have a chat with the AC forums.

We’re in the very early days of 2020, but even so, we already have a fairly good idea of what to expect from the smartphone landscape over the next 12 months.

Samsung’s Galaxy S11 lineup will be here in just a couple of months, Google is expected to drop the Pixel 4a sometime in May, and the OnePlus 8 is on the horizon, just to name a few.

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Buying a second Lenovo Smart Display was my best purchase of 2019

Of all the gadgets and gizmos I’ve picked up during the year, buying a second Lenovo Smart Display was my best.

2019 was filled to the brim with new products from every major tech company. Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google and everyone else released some super innovative stuff that people love, and a few things that people didn’t love so much. A lot of these products stepped on each others toes a bit when it came to functionality,  [Read More…]

Do you plan on buying the Galaxy S11?

Let’s chat with the AC forums.

Samsung’s Android lineup for 2019 proved to be darn impressive. The company kicked off the year with the critically-acclaimed Galaxy S10 series, and a few months later, followed it up with the Galaxy Note 10.

In just a couple of short months, we’re expecting Samsung to formally take the wraps off of the Galaxy S11 — its first flagship of 2020.

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A parent’s guide to buying a new PlayStation 4 for Christmas

Buying a new PlayStation 4 for the holidays this year? You’ll want to get it all set up before gifting it.

Buying a new console can be intimidating, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the technology. I know people in my own family who can’t tell the different between an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. I’ve even had relatives combine the names and ask if I wanted anything for the “PlayStation One.” This is more common than some  [Read More…]

Buying a smartwatch during Black Friday weekend? Get the Versa 2

Fitbit made quite a few headlines in 2019. Not only was the company purchased by Google for $ 2.1 billion, but it also released a few top-notch wearables — one of which was the Versa 2.

The Versa 2 is Fitbit’s latest smartwatch offering, and it’s one of my favorite watches to be released during all of 2019. It’s on sale right now for the Black Friday weekend, and for anyone that wants a capable smartwatch with a focus on  [Read More…]

This is the wireless charger I’m buying on Black Friday

Black Friday is a great time to buy all the little essentials you need for the rest of your gadgets. Cables, phone cases, screen protectors and chargers aren’t very pricey to begin with and during the biggest shopping day of the year, you can usually save even more. And who doesn’t like saving money, right?

Keeping the juice flowing Lecone Fast Wireless Charger

$ 13 at Amazon

No wires, plenty of style

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Double-check your furnace before buying a smart thermostat on Black Friday

Is your furnace ready for a smart thermostat? Let’s find out.

Of all the smart home gadgets that have emerged over the last few years, one of the most noteworthy has been smart thermostats. The thermostat has never been a particularly exciting part of any home, but the rise of smart ones has changed that.

With a smart thermostat, you can change the temperature using an app on your phone, control the thermostat remotely from anywhere in  [Read More…]