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Uber testing feature that lets some California drivers set their own fares

It’s one of several changes being made in response to California’s new gig-economy law.

What you need to know Uber is testing a feature that will let drivers set their own fares. It’s being tested in California, specifically by drivers picking up from airports in Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, and Sacramento. It will allow drivers to set fares in 10 percent increments, up to five times the Uber base price for the ride.

Uber is testing a  [Read More…]

California gets its first real alert through Earthquake Early Warning app

Well, 40 people got the warning…

What you need to know California residents have received their first-ever real earthquake alert. The alert went out via the MyShake app, for an earthquake in Parkfield, CA. More than 40 people received the alert about 1 second before it hit.

A select number of California residents have received the first-ever public alert through the app MyShake, a statewide Earthquake Early Warning System.

As reported by LA Times, the alert was  [Read More…]

How to donate to help California fire victims and fighters

Midday in San Francisco during the Camp Fire 175 miles north

With three major fires (and many more smaller fires) burning across California right now, every little bit helps and you can be a part of that support.

I live about 95 miles from Paradise, CA, the town that literally burned to the ground within the past week. The Camp Fire, named for Camp Creek Road, where the fire started, is California’s most destructive on record  [Read More…]

California Senate passes a vote to bring net neutrality laws to the state

There’s even a rule that’s stricter than what the FCC previously had in place.

Although the FCC’s repeal of Net Neutrality is set to go into effect on June 11, that hasn’t stopped other government officials from doing what they can to ensure the internet remains free and open for everyone.

Photo by Credo Action.

Most recently, the California Senate passed a bill that would bring back Net Neutrality laws across the entire state. The bill  [Read More…]

Possible shooter causes YouTube HQ in California to go on lockdown

6 patients have been reported so far.

At the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, police have responded to multiple 911 calls regarding a possible active shooter in the area.

KRON4, a San Franciso-based news network, reports that one witness heard 20 different shots at one point, and at 1:00 PM local time, the San Bruno Poice Department tweeted that residents should stay away from 901 Cherry Ave. due to “police activity.”

YouTube employees have been seen  [Read More…]

One of Google’s self-driving cars hit a California municipal bus Feb. 14

One of Google’s self-driving cars was the subject of a collision with another vehicle earlier this month. The car hit a California municipal bus in a minor accident, but it may be the first time one of Google’s automated automotives hit another vehicle.

Reuters reports:

“In a Feb. 23 report filed with California regulators, Google said the Feb. 14 crash took place in Mountain View, Calif., when a self-driving Lexus RX450h sought to get around  [Read More…]

Google’s self-driving car prototypes hit the roads in California

Google’s latest prototype for its self-driving cars are hitting the roads in California.

Just as promised in May, Google has started testing its latest self-driving car prototypes on public roads in California. The new prototypes, first shown off last year, will be joining Google’s fleet of modified Lexus vehicles that have already been on the roads for some time.

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Google Shopping Express heads up the PCH to northern California

Google’s attractive overnight delivery service, Google Shopping Express, is expanding into northern California. Berkeley, Concord, Danville, Dublin, Fremont, Oakland, Pleasanton, Richmond, and Walnut Creek are just some of the new areas included in the expansion. Over the next couple of months, Google is hoping to get the service right up to the Oregon border, and down to Fresno. Local stores like Blue Bottle Coffee, Costco, Google Play, Office Depot, Staples, Target, Walgreens, and Whole Foods are  [Read More…]