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A PS5 event called The Future of Gaming is coming on June 4

PlayStation is holding a showcase for PS5 games and gameplay.

What you need to know PlayStation has revealed a PS5 event called The Future of Gaming. This event will showcase PS5 games and gameplay. It’s set to begin on June 4 at 1:00 p.m. PDT.

After credible rumors indicated a PlayStation 5 event was on the way, we finally have official confirmation. PlayStation has announced The Future of Gaming, a PS5 event on June 4 at 1:00  [Read More…]

A new event called The Broken Ghost kicks off in Apex Legends

A new season-long challenge is here for players to undertake.

What you need to know Apex Legends Season Five has begun. Season Five is introducing Quests, with the first one being called The Broken Ghost. This quest will run over the course of the season as players try to find nine different parts of an artifact. Finding the artifact parts will unlock new pieces of lore.

With Apex Legends Season Five kicking off, Respawn Entertainment is introducing  [Read More…]

Hearthstone’s new expansion is called Ashes of Outland

There’s plenty of new stuff for Hearthstone players to enjoy.

What you need to know Hearthstone is getting a new expansion called Ashes of Outland. This expansion is set in the realm of World of Warcraft’s first expansion, the Burning Crusade. The Demon Hunter class is another major addition. All this content is part of the Year of the Phoenix, which begins on April 7.

Hearthstone players have a lot to look forward to, as Blizzard Entertainment  [Read More…]

Samsung is reportedly working on a Dex-powered monitor called the Dexbook

It doesn’t come with a keyboard, though.

What you need to know Samsung and LG are reportedly working together on a proof-of-concept external screen for phones. Dubbed Dexbook by Samsung, the product will not have a keyboard attached to it. Samsung’s model will have a 10,000mAh battery, while LG’s variant will have a 5,000mAh cell.

Samsung and LG are brewing an interesting, and perhaps ultimately irrelevant, product, according to ETNews. According to the Korean publication, the duo  [Read More…]

Motorola may be working on a Verizon-exclusive flagship called the Edge+

Is Motorola finally making a flagship?

What you need to know New leaks point to a new Motorola phone in the making. Like the RAZR, it’s set to be a Verizon exclusive. It could be one of the new flagships Motorola promised to reveal this year.

Much like the wildly popular and recently resurrected RAZR, Motorola is cooking up yet another Verizon exclusive to go with the likes of its Moto Z4. However, unlike those phones, this  [Read More…]

What do you think about the Galaxy S11 being called the S20?

Let’s have a chat with the AC forums.

It’s officially 2020, which means we’re another step closer to Samsung unveiling its first big flagship of the year. This upcoming phone will be the successor to last year’s Galaxy S10, and for a while now, we’ve been referring to it as the Galaxy S11.

However, a new rumor is suggesting that the S11 will actually be branded and marketed as the “Galaxy S20.”

Taking a look through the  [Read More…]

Realme’s first 5G smartphone to arrive soon, will be called the Realme X50

The smartphone might be announced in China before the end of the year.

What you need to know Realme CMO Xu Qi Chase has revealed on Weibo that the company’s first 5G-enabled smartphone will be launched in China very soon. The smartphone will be called the Realme X50 5G and offer dual-mode 5G support. Chase’s Weibo post also shows the silhouette of the upcoming phone, hinting at dual selfie cameras.

Realme unveiled its first proper flagship smartphone  [Read More…]

Instagram begins testing a TikTok-like video editing tool called Reels

Instagram users will be able to find the new Reels feature in the Stories shutter modes tray.

What you need to know Instagram has launched a new TikTok-like video-music remix tool for Stories, called Reels. With Instagram Reels, users can make short 15-second video clips that can be shared as Stories and may appear in the Top Reels section under the Explore tab. The feature is currently limited to Brazil.

Instagram today launched (via TechCrunch) a new  [Read More…]

Fallout 76 is getting a paid membership service called Fallout 1st

Get monthly Atoms, Private Worlds and more with Fallout 1st.

What you need to know Bethesda has announced a new membership subscription for Fallout 76 called Fallout 1st. This membership allows you to create a Private World, have infinite storage, get Atoms per month and more. The subscription costs $ 12.99 USD per month, or $ 99.99 USD for a year. Fallout 76 is currently $ 16 on Amazon.

Bethesda has announced a new way to pay  [Read More…]

Sega teasing something new, possibly a AAA game called Humankind

Sega has launched a teaser website that could be hinting towards a new game called Humankind

What you need to know Sega has launched a teaser website called hmkd.sega.com. The website only asks for an email signup, while a green heartrate monitor occasionally blips in the background. Sega’s lineup for Gamescom 2019 includes an unannounced AAA game, which is probably what this teaser is for. The game will likely be revealed during Gamescom  [Read More…]