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Save money or boost the signal on your OnePlus phone with Wi-Fi calling

Whether you’re trying to save some money on your calling plan, or if you just want to take advantage of your strong home Wi-Fi signal while you’re stuck working from home, you should learn how to enable Wi-Fi calling on your smartphone. While there might be a slight discrepancy between carriers or geographic locations, following the steps below should do the trick in toggling on Wi-Fi calling for your OnePlus phone.

How to enable Wi-Fi calling on a  [Read More…]

There’s no better time to drop FaceTime and use a universal calling app

Great cross-platform video calling apps exist, and we should use them.

“FaceTime” has become a Kleenex-level generic word to describe making a video call on your phone, no matter the platform or what app people are actually using. Yet even in one of Apple’s densest markets, the U.S., a full 50% of people can’t use FaceTime at all — because they have an Android phone. There are great video calling apps that cross operating system boundaries —  [Read More…]

How to enable Wi-Fi calling on the Galaxy S20

Cellular signals are horribly congested these days, and there are zones in my house where I just don’t receive any cellular connectivity. If you’re facing similar issues, Wi-Fi calling is the way to go. It relies on your home Wi-Fi network instead of your cell signal to make calls, and the added bonus is that the call quality is significantly higher. Here’s how to enable it on your new Galaxy S20 phone.

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Google Duo is the best video calling service you’re not using

Google Duo has transformed into a robust video and audio messaging service.

Google’s messaging strategy has been an unmitigated disaster, with the search giant bouncing from service to service over the years as it tried to take on the likes of WhatsApp. Allo and Duo debuted in 2016 to lofty ambitions, but in typical Google fashion, both services were hobbled from the start. Allo didn’t have SMS integration, and there wasn’t a good enough reason to switch  [Read More…]

All Pixel phones running Android 10 will get automatic screen calling

“Over the coming weeks.”

What you need to know On December 9, Google introduced new features for the Pixel smartphones, including automatic screen calling exclusively for the Pixel 4. Later, Google revealed to Business Insider that automatic screen calling would be coming to previous Pixel smartphones running Android 10 “over the coming weeks.” Like the original Call Screen feature, automatic screen calling is expected to be exclusive to the U.S.

On December 9, Google had a Pixel  [Read More…]

Google Fi’s Wi-Fi calling and spam protection expand to more phones

The new features are rolling out now.

What you need to know Google Fi’s full feature-set is now available to all supported devices Previously, users required a “designed for Fi” device. Included features are spam protection, WiFi calling, and enhanced VPN support

Google Fi’s experience is getting a bit more universal for all supported devices. The carrier announced today that it would be bringing the full Fi feature-set to all compatible devices. This includes features like Spam  [Read More…]

Does Visible support Wi-Fi calling?

Best answer: Yes. Well, kind of. A select few phones support Wi-Fi calling on Visible but you can expect the list to keep growing.

A fast Android with a great camera: Samsung Galaxy S9 ($ 561 at Amazon) Check out Visible’s plan : Visible Unlimited ($ 40/mo. at Visible) So which devices work right now?

While Visible supports a number of phones, only a select few support Wi-Fi calling.

All Visible compatible iPhones Visible R2 from ZTE  [Read More…]

The best Bluetooth headsets for hands-free calling

Bluetooth headphones and earbuds are all the rage these days, and rightfully so. For some people, however, Bluetooth headsets that are less bulky and only focus on delivering a great hands-free phone call experience are a better purchase. Whatever your reasoning for being in the market for a Bluetooth headset in 2019, our top pick is the Plantronics Voyager Legend because you get a lot of features at a great price.

Best Overall: Plantronics Voyager Legend

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Wi-Fi calling is amazing, awesome, and elusive for unlocked Android users

Metal roofs, thick walls, and dead zones; things an Android user with Wi-Fi shouldn’t have to care about.

I did not expect to still be using the Google Pixel 3a. I thought I would transfer back to the Galaxy S10 when the 3a got added to the Android Q Beta in June, but here I am, still using a Beta phone as my daily driver. If I’m being perfectly honest, I’d like to go back to the  [Read More…]

Google Duo’s group video calling is now live for everyone

You’ll now be able to talk to eight people at once with Duo’s group calling feature.

What you need to know Google’s rolling out group video calls to everyone on Android and iOS. Group calls will also be end-to-end encrypted. Duo is also picking up a data saver mode for India, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Google Duo customers in a few markets picked up group video calling earlier this month, and the feature is now going live for  [Read More…]