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See how Apple and Google came together to trace the coronavirus

See how Apple and Google came together to build their COVID-19 tracing solution.

What you need to know A new report from CNBC details how Apple and Google worked together on contact tracing. The report shows how both companies started their own projects initially. It then goes on to show how the rivals came together.

A new report from CNBC has given a behind the scenes look at how a few employees took the idea and, within  [Read More…]

A (brief) history of the folding phone: How foldables came to be

Sit down, everyone — class is starting.

A history of the folding phone Galaxy Z Flip vs. Moto RAZR

“Smartphones are boring.” That’s a sentiment that we’ve been hearing for a while. With devices like the Galaxy S20, Pixel 4, and iPhone 11, you can understand why some people might feel that way. A lot of devices on the market these days are subtle refinements of existing handsets, resulting in phones that are  [Read More…]

Google Photos will now show you exactly where an image came from

The feature is currently only available on the Photos web app, unfortunately.

What you need to know Google is adding new ‘uploaded from’ and ‘shared by’ categories to images’ metadata in Photos. As the names suggest, these bits of information can help you more quickly identify where an image comes from. The change is only live in the Photos web app, however, with no word on when/if the iOS and Android apps will also get the feature.  [Read More…]

How Noodlecake Studios came to rule Android gaming

Everything you wanted to know about the quirky mobile game publisher from Saskatoon!

The folks at Noodlecake Studios have been busy as beavers lately, helping to polish and publish outstanding games such as Suzy Cube and Alto’s Odyssey, amazing new titles for Android gamers to check out. All told, the team has helped publish well over 100 games to the Google Play Store.

Based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, this plucky studio is far removed from Silicon Valley  [Read More…]

How the classic puzzle game Myst came to Android

Nearly 25 years after its debut on CD-ROM, Myst has come to Android more beautiful and captivating than ever. But can this meditative classic capture a new generation of twitchy gamers?

The last time I spent any time in Cyan Inc.’s Myst, the legendary 3D puzzler that remained the most successful PC game ever until The Sims debuted in 2002, I was barely nine years old, enamored with the prospect of sitting in front of a computer  [Read More…]

It turns out T-Mobile’s Un-carrier X announcement came with an unlimited data price hike, too

T-Mobile rolled out its new Un-carrier X announcements this week to plenty of fanfare, but there’s more to these changes than just free video streaming and matched data for family plans. T-Mobile also notably shifted its pricing for its most commonly-selected Simple Choice plans, reducing the price per gigabyte but increasing the total plan prices on all but the base plan.

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CYNGN: A brief history of how Cyanogen OS came to be

It’s a story of inevitability, one that is far from over.

Over the last couple of years, a group of clever software developers have built an empire out of a free alternative to whatever version of Android came included on your phone. Many of those people have come together to form a company, with the goal of taking this free alternative and turning it into a compelling option for hardware manufacturers  [Read More…]