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Google is open sourcing Cardboard to keep its ‘no-frills’ VR headset alive

The Google Cardboard is still among the cheapest headsets that you can buy to experience virtual reality.

What you need to know Google is releasing the Cardboard open source project. The company says it will continue to contribute to the Cardboard open source project by releasing new features such as an SDK package for Unity. Google also revealed that it has shipped more than 15 million Cardboard units so far.

After discontinuing its Daydream View VR headset  [Read More…]

AR Cardboard kits now come with controllers thanks to Zapbox!

A real Augmented Reality experience doesn’t have to be pricey.

Trying to decide whether Augmented Reality is for you or not can be pesky if you don’t want to pay up front for top of the line headsets. That is until recently when we began to see awesome new cardboard kits start to hit the market. Zapbox is exactly that, except that they go one step further by delivering a cardboard Augmented Reality headset fully equipped with  [Read More…]

How to watch Netflix on Google Cardboard

Netflix is now accessible in VR on more than Gear VR.

Plenty of people enjoy spending a few hours binging Netflix to catch up on their favorite show before the new season kicks off. If you have roommates or distractions then you might have considered watching your shows in VR. Not everybody has access to Gear VR, the only VR headset with the app available. Have no fear though, we’ve got the details for you on how  [Read More…]

How to take the best Cardboard Camera photos

Flawless Cardboard Camera photos are not complicated, and so much fun to share.

Grabbing a good panorama of that perfect sunrise is often quite rewarding, but if you’re a fan of VR photos you can one-up your game with Cardboard Camera. Instead of a 2D panorama, you’re capturing a full 360-degree panorama with depth. This means the viewer gets to really feel like they are a part of the photo, as long as the photo you captured  [Read More…]

Using Cardboard Camera to capture and enjoy VR photos for Daydream

Cardboard Camera brings your photos to life when you view them with Daydream!

Cardboard Camera lets you take a panorama photo of the world around you, and then renders it into a format that can be viewed in VR. This means that you can strap on your Daydream View, and relive those awesome moments, complete with audio and depth.

Here’s how to get the best photos with this app!

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Chrome’s WebVR moves to Google Cardboard at the new WebVR Experiments site

Now almost every Android phone can experience VR on Chrome through Google’s new WebVR Experiments site.

Previously available for Google Daydream View headsets and the phones that power them, Google has followed up on the promise to expand the VR experience in Chrome, and in typical Google style they kicked off an entirely new website. At WebVR Experiments you’ll find content for both Google Daydream and Cardboard, Android VR experiments, A.I. experiments and even what they call Art and  [Read More…]

Everything you need to know about Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard brings VR to your phone.

Google Cardboard is just one of the many ways that you can now enjoy VR from the comfort of your own home, using your phone to power things. While it’s certainly not the most high end way to enjoy VR it is the most accessible, and it’s where plenty of folks who enjoy VR got their start. Using phone-based-VR cardboard can catapult you to another world, and let you see  [Read More…]

So you’ve lost your Cardboard QR code? Here’s what to do

If you’ve lost your QR code, don’t panic. You can find it again online.

Google Cardboard was the first phone based VR that hit the market, and for some users it’s still a great way to get introduced to VR. However if it’s been a few months since the last time you’ve pulled out your Cardboard viewer, then you may run into a problem. That problem being that you’ve lost your Cardboard QR code, and can’t properly  [Read More…]

Google has shipped 10 million Cardboard VR headsets since 2014

Mobile VR usage has skyrocketed last year.

Google has announced that it shipped over 10 million Cardboard VR viewers since its launch in 2014. The company also said that over 160 million Cardboard apps have been downloaded, out of which 30 apps have over 1 million downloads. The numbers are a healthy increase from January 2016, when Google touted 5 million sales and 25 million installs for Cardboard apps.

In recent months, Google has turned its  [Read More…]

This is how you play Google Cardboard apps on your Samsung Gear VR

It’s real, and it’s awesome.

Samsung gear VR owners can now use Google Cardboard apps through their preferred headset, instead of having to switch back and forth between a Cardboard viewer and something else. It’s pretty easy to set up, and our friends over at VRHeads have everything you need to get started with every version of the Gear VR. Enjoy!

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