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Here’s how to score an Amazon Fire 7 tablet and case from just $21

While it might not be the latest Fire tablet, the 7th-generation Fire 7 is available as low as $ 20 at Woot for a limited time. What’s even better is that you can even bundle it with Amazon’s first-party case for just $ 1 more. Getting a 7-inch tablet and case for just $ 21 total is a steal, especially when you consider that the new Fire 7 tablet goes for $ 50.

Amazon’s 2017 Fire 7 model is  [Read More…]

Score a new look for your smartphone in Moment’s $20 Phone Case Sale

The cameras built into modern smartphones today are quite powerful, but if you’re looking to improve your mobile photography skills even further, you’ll want to shop Moment’s $ 20 Phone Case Sale. Moment is home to smartphone lenses that help to give your device’s camera a new perspective, and select Moment cases are built to keep the lens you choose attached securely.

Most of Moment’s smartphone cases sell between $ 40 and $ 50 regularly, though today nearly all of  [Read More…]

Should I buy an anti-microbial phone case?

Best answer: It can’t hurt, but it’s not surefire protection. Anti-microbial cases disrupt microbes and prevent them from lingering on your case, but they can’t be guaranteed to kill everything the way a true disinfectant can. They’re only guaranteed to work against odor and stain-causing bacteria, not every disease-causing germ known to man.

Good for you and the planet: Tech21 Studio Colour Case for Galaxy S20 Series ($ 30 at Amazon) Microban partner: Speck Presidio Grip Galaxy  [Read More…]

Protect your phone and the environment with the Incipio Organicore case

Every old smartphone that ends up in a landfill becomes part of the growing e-waste problem. And, even if you get a case to prevent broken smartphones from adding even more landfills, your case will also contribute one day. But, Incipio has a solution that can protect your phone from the landfill while offering a more environmentally friendly option when it comes time to retire the case itself.

The Incipio Organicore case is the case to get for  [Read More…]

Samsung temporarily closes Galaxy Z Flip factory over Coronavirus case

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold are manufactured at the affected Gumi plant.

What you need to know Samsung has confirmed a Coronavirus case at its phone factory complex in Gumi, South Korea. The company has decided to shut down the entire facility until Monday morning. Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold smartphones are manufactured at the Gumi plant.

Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone vendor, has confirmed a coronavirus case at its phone factory  [Read More…]

The Galaxy S20+ is big, pretty, but fragile — protect it with a clear case

Samsung made yet another beauty with the Galaxy S20+, so I understand not wanting to hide its splendor inside a bulky, blocky tank of a case. That said, this is also a very expensive phone that’s completely wrapped in glass, so please, please, please protect your gem of a phone with a clear case. There’s no reason not to when they look this good!

Grippy clear case Caseology Solid Flex Crystal

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Caseology’s take on the  [Read More…]

Combine your wallet and phone case for your Galaxy S20+

Bigger phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20+ are perfect candidates for wallet cases. The bigger the phone, the more space it takes up in your pocket or bag. Wallet cases let you condense all your essential IDs and payment methods in one place. The best designed wallet cases make life easier at the expense of a little added bulk. Check out the stylish options available so far.

Carry it all CaseMe Magnetic Leather Wallet

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LG patents a foldable OLED case that looks like the Mate X

It’s another potentially bold choice from LG.

What you need to know LG has just published a new patent for an updated version of its Dual Screen accessory. The new patented smart display wraps around the phone, allowing for a more traditional-looking foldable device. Unlike the previous display, you’ll also be able to place the phone outside the display case area, allowing for an even larger canvas.

Foldable phones are nice and all, but LG’s been thinking  [Read More…]

The Razer Archtech Pro is the case you should buy for the Razer Phone 2

Razer’s finest phone gets a premium case to match.

The new Razer Archtech Pro case is easily the best case you should buy for the Razer Phone 2 — it’s just a shame that it came out a full year after the phone was released.

This case offers everything you could want in a smartphone case. It’s durable and comfortable to hold with a soft-touch finish inside and out to ensure your phone stays protected. It’s thin  [Read More…]

Get the best case to protect the Moto G8 Plus from accidental damage

Motorola’s primary focus has turned to its mid-range lineup with the Moto G8 Plus. The G8 Plus is a fantastic device with three primary cameras, a 6.3-inch display, and a 4,000mAh battery. But with a device this great, you’ll want to keep it protected with one of the following cases.

Slim and solid Cruzerlite Carbon Fiber Case

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Cruzerlite makes some of the best cases for a plethora of devices, and the G8 Plus is  [Read More…]