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Best cases for Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablets

I use my Fire HD 8 tablet just about every day, whether it be to watch a show on Amazon Prime, look up a recipe, or simply surf the net. It’s an amazing little device, but as with any tablet it can easily get broken, which is why you’ll want to purchase a quality case for it. I’ve collected the best cases for the Fire HD 8 tablet so you can determine which one best fits your needs.

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Use one of these cases to protect your Galaxy A21 from when life happens

Who would have thought that a budget smartphone would not only have the design of a flagship but would also include some of the same features? That’s exactly what you get from the Galaxy A21 with its 6.5-inch Infinity-O display, along with a four-camera system on the back. So why wouldn’t you do everything you could to keep a device this great and protected from drops or scratches? Here are the best cases you can get today!

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These heavy duty cases are great to keep your G Power chugging along

Motorola has a chance to surprise everyone in the budget market again with the Moto G Power. This handset sports a beautiful 6.4-inch display, while being powered by the Snapdragon 665 and 4GB of RAM. The best part is the included 5,000mAh battery, which could last you up to three days with regular use. So why not get a rugged case to keep the G Power chugging along without getting damaged in the process? Here are the best Moto G  [Read More…]

Save your Galaxy A11 from potential disaster with one of the best cases

Samsung’s new Galaxy A11 is an interesting entry into the budget market with a flagship-like design at just a fraction of the cost. And as is the case with all smartphones, you don’t want something to happen to your new device, so grab a new case to go with your A11 and keep it protected.

Unique designs Entaifeng Grippy TPU Case

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Get work done and stay protected with these Moto G Stylus cases

The Moto G Stylus has arrived on doorsteps, and chances are that you’ll want to take advantage of everything this new phone has to offer, especially with the included stylus. However, you don’t want to take a chance on a potential disaster happening, leaving you to get your G Stylus replaced. Here are the best cases that you can get for the new G Stylus!

Lightweight and rugged UAG Scout

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Best OnePlus 8 Cases in 2020

Before your OnePlus 8 shows up in all its colorful glory, you need to get yourself a case. Yes, I know the OnePlus 8 comes with a case in the box, but that’s a very basic case that’s only really meant to keep your phone safe until you find a good case with proper protection. There’s some great cases available for the OnePlus 8 — includng some of my favorite case series on the market — so skip the basic  [Read More…]

Best OnePlus 8 Pro Cases in 2020

The OnePlus 8 Pro is big, beautiful, and finally gives us all the features we’ve been hoping to see in a OnePlus flagship for years: IP water resistance and wireless charging. The back glass comes in some new colors this year — Glacial Green and Ultramarine Blue — but it’s still a glass-backed phone, and that means you’ll want to protect it so that you’re not blowing hundreds of dollars repairing or replacing it. These are the best cases we  [Read More…]

These are all the official OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro Cases you can buy

The OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus 8 Pro are here, and my goodness, these phones are beautiful with their matte glass backs and all their purdy new colors and color-changing finishes. But guess what? They’re still glass backed phones, and glass-backed phones get cases before they face the big, bad world outside. It always takes a little longer for the case market to get fired up for the latest OnePlus phones, but we don’t have to worry about that because  [Read More…]

Don’t bulk up the huge Galaxy S20 Ultra even more; get one of these cases

I know a lot of you want to go naked and show off the Galaxy S20 Ultra in all its 6.9-inch glory, but it’s a half-pound, glass-backed phone that is super unwieldy. To paraphrase South Park, if you try to use the Ultra without a case, “you’re gonna have a bad time.” Never fear! Just because you need to use a case doesn’t mean you need to bulk up your phone.

Slim sustainability Tech21 Studio Colour

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Moment’s spring sale offers discounts on phone cases, lenses, and more

Smartphone photography has come on leaps and bounds in recent years with the majority of people being happy to use their phones as their primary cameras these days. If you need slightly more than your phone can offer, you ought to invest in some of Moment’s photography gear, especially while it’s on sale with as much as 60% off. Moment very rarely offers discounts, so this springtime sale is well worth your attention.

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