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This 300-lesson bundle will turn you into a certified Excel master

If you want to excel in life, you need to learn Excel. No, seriously. That may seem like a bold statement to make, but mastering how to use the spreadsheet app pays off. For one, it can help you land a fatter paycheck or even a promotion. For another, it can turn you into a productivity machine, as proficiency in Excel also means you can be adept in analyzing data, building charts, accounting, and so much more.

Then again, given  [Read More…]

Learn how to become AWS certified for just $30

Amazon Web Services (AWS) powers websites for some of the most popular brands in the world, from Netflix to Disney. It’s the world’s leading cloud provider, enabling companies to manage and process mass amounts of data to do everything from host streaming content to process enormous amounts of financial information. As the security and efficient handling of data become more and more important, companies are continually looking for certified AWS experts to design and manage cloud infrastructures. In The  [Read More…]

THX Certified Game Mode for TVs debuts at CES 2020

Partnering with TCL to debut the first TVs with the new gaming-enhanced feature.

What you need to know THX Certified Game Mode enhances contrast and color while simultaneously reducing input lag. TCL will be launching the first certified TVs later this year, with other manufacturing partners to be announced. THX AAA debuts new audio quality and better battery life for wireless headphones.

When you think of THX, it’s likely the first place your mind wanders off to  [Read More…]

Become a certified Microsoft Excel pro with this $21 bundle

Anyone who’s worked in an office in the past thirty years has doubtlessly worked with Excel, but having only a baseline understanding of this increasingly powerful and popular program isn’t enough if you want to succeed in a data-driven world.

The Complete Microsoft Excel 2019 MOS Certification Exam Training Bundle will transform you from an Excel novice into a full-fledged pro, and it’s available for over 95% off at just $ 21.25 when you enter the coupon code BFSAVE15 at  [Read More…]

Snapdragon 855 certified as secure zone for payments, encryption and eSIM

Phone makers can utilize the new security capabilities right away.

What you need to know Snapdragon 855 SoC is now EAL-4+ certified as a secure zone for encryption, payments, eSIM and more. Companies can now eliminate dedicated security chips from phone, simplify design and reduce costs. Certification retroactively applies to all Snapdragon 855 devices.

Qualcomm’s current top-end SoC (system on chip), the Snapdragon 855, has received Common Criteria EAL-4+ certification, making it the first SoC to be  [Read More…]

OnePlus 7 Pro’s QHD+ display is certified for HDR10+

You’ll be able to stream HDR10 content from Netflix and YouTube on the OnePlus 7 Pro.

With the OnePlus 7 Pro launching just over a week from now, the company is starting to reveal more information about the flagship. We already know that the phone will have a QHD+ display with a 90Hz refresh rate, and OnePlus has detailed that the screen is certified for HDR10+. Calling it a “display of the future,” the OnePlus 7 Pro  [Read More…]

Save big on certified refurbished Philips Hue gear today starting under $30

Change up the look of a room in an instant.

As part of its deals of the day, Amazon has a selection of refurb Philips Hue bulbs and more on sale for up to 25% off. These are certified refurbished kits and bulbs, meaning that they are tested to work and look like new, and are backed by a 90-day warranty. There’s a wide variety of starter kits, bulbs, and accessories included in this sale, so whether you are  [Read More…]

Become a certified AWS Developer with this $35 training bundle!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading cloud solutions on the market, offering vast storage options and cheap computing power that allows companies to scale and grow. Not just anyone can tap into this potential, however, and AWS-certified pros are reaping the benefits of lucrative and fulfilling careers.

Becoming a certified AWS cloud aficionado requires some hard work and usually a good chunk of money, but right now Android Central Digital Offers is offering an AWS Certified Architect  [Read More…]

Get certified with an HAI photography course!

Breaking into the photography industry can be overwhelming. Where do you start, and where do you find the time to get the required education? You need a comprehensive course that starts from the ground up, and you need to get certified once you’re finished with the course.

Learn the tricks and skills used by professional photographers! Learn more

Hollywood Art Institute has everything you’re looking for — this is a comprehensive photography course that starts with the basics  [Read More…]

Is the Nest Protect certified where I live?

Best answer: Different governing bodies have differing regulations for smoke and carbon monoxide protectors, and the Nest Protect is certified for the United States, Canada and Europe.

Amazon: Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Battery ($ 129)

What does it mean for Nest Protect to be certified?

At its most basic level, being certified means the Nest Protect will actually work as a smoke detector. Different regions use different laboratories for testing: Underwriters  [Read More…]