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Automatically change the daily wallpapers on your Samsung Galaxy phone

Out of all of Samsung’s fun customizations in One UI and its Galaxy phones, the dynamic lock screen is low-key one of my all-time favorites. With other phones, I often forget how easily bored I can get with the standard lock screen options, but this dynamic feature automatically updates all the time in the background and gives me a pleasant surprise each time. I’ll show you just how easy it is to toggle this setting on so that  [Read More…]

How to change your location using a VPN

There are a variety of use-cases for a VPN, but no matter which VPN provider you use or what reason you’re connecting to a VPN for, the underlying technology remains the same — changing the location of the IP address of your computer, phone, or even your router.

Known as ‘spoofing’, changing your IP address to somewhere else in the world is really easy to do with a VPN meaning you can access content not usually available in your own  [Read More…]

How to change the terrible keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy phone

Let’s be frank: Samsung’s default keyboard on its Galaxy phones is not good. The touch response just seems off. Word and sentence prediction is horrible. It has lots of customization options, and that’s about all it has going for it. Thankfully Android offers everyone the opportunity to choose the keyboard that’s right for them, with zero compromises. When Samsung’s keyboard starts to grate on you to the point where you want something new, here’s how you can switch  [Read More…]

Google designing its own processors would completely change the industry

Google already designs microprocessors and has hired some of the industry’s finest to take the extra step.

Rumors of Google designing and manufacturing its own chips for Pixel phones are nothing new. But the latest comes at a time when it makes a lot more sense for it to be done; Google needs its own chips if it wants to carry on making products for everyone, and making them the way it wants them to be built.

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It’s easy to change your background wallpaper in a Zoom call

Hide that messy room!

Now that we’re all pretty much either working from home or working with a distributed team, I think it’s safe to say that most of us have participated in a video call, and chances are, that video call was via Zoom. You may have even been jealous of those techy types that figured out early on how to change their video background to some exotic location or silly photo. Whatever they chose, it  [Read More…]

Samsung, not Apple, is leading the next exciting phone industry change

Being first is actually worth something.

A history of the folding phone Galaxy Z Flip vs. Moto RAZR Why your next phone should be a foldable Why your next phone shouldn’t be a foldable More reasons why you should hold off on a foldable Our phones are our most important fashion accessory The clamshell foldable is the new ‘small’ phone Foldables aren’t the ‘small’ phone you want (yet) All the differences between foldable devices  [Read More…]

How to change the Side Key function on the Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 is easily one of the best phones of early 2020, with stunning build quality and incredibly powerful specs backed by equally powerful cameras. There’s just one problem: Samsung tries its hardest to make you use its Bixby voice assistant, even going so far as to make Bixby the default action when you long-press the side key (otherwise known as the power button). Thankfully, it’s easy to remove this shortcut and get your power menu back.

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How to change the Galaxy S20’s default keyboard to Gboard or SwiftKey

The Galaxy S20 has Samsung’s default keyboard out of the box, but it’s easy to switch to Gboard or another keyboard of your choice. We’re partial to Gboard because of the customization options on offer and the fact that Google Search is baked into the keyboard. Regardless of which keyboard you prefer, here’s how to switch keyboards on your Galaxy S20.

How to change the Galaxy S20’s default keyboard to Gboard or Swiftkey

If you’re looking for a  [Read More…]

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos pledges $10 billion to help combat climate change

The money for the new fund will come from Bezos’ personal wealth.

What you need to know Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has launched the Bezos Earth Fund. The Bezos Earth Fund aims to fund efforts by scientists, activists, and NGOs to preserve and protect the environment. Bezos is committing $ 10 billion to the fund and will begin issuing grants later this year.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has announced the launch of a new fund called the  [Read More…]