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Microsoft shows Google some love, ports Edge feature to Chrome

The ability to move multiple tabs to a new window is being ported from Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome.

What you need to know Microsoft isn’t only taking Google’s browser tech for its own. The company is also contributing to the Chromium project. A feature found in Microsoft Edge is being ported over to Chromium and Chrome.

While Microsoft may have thrown up its arms and submitted to Google’s dominance in the browser space by porting Edge  [Read More…]

Google temporarily suspends paid extension updates in the Chrome Web Store

There’s no ETA for when the ban will be lifted.

What you need to know The Chrome Web Store will no longer accept paid extensions. Updates to paid extensions already published have also been blocked. The change in policy is a temporary measure aimed at halting a tide of fraudulent transactions involving the extension marketplace.

While Google this week launched experiments that make its browser much harder to use, it’s also been dealing with others’ attempts to  [Read More…]

Google attempts to simplify its upcoming Duet redesign for Chrome on phones

The bottom bar only has three buttons now.

What you need to know Google has redesigned its redesign for mobile Chrome. The bottom bar in the Duet design now has only three buttons. The home page has also been changed — and not in a good way.

Google is once again tinkering with the design of its browser on mobile devices. Dubbed ‘Duet,’ the design aims to provide a more convenient browsing experience in today’s world of  [Read More…]

LastPass accidentally takes down its own browser extension for Chrome

The website and the mobile apps are still working.

What you need to know LastPass inadvertently unlisted its browser extension for Chrome yesterday. The extension is in the process of being reviewed and listed back on the Chrome Web Store. In the meantime, users can still access their login credentials via LastPass’s website or its mobile apps.

LastPass seemingly shot itself in the foot yesterday and accidentally unlisted its browser extension from the Chrome Web Store. This  [Read More…]

Steam for Chrome OS would make Chromeboxes even more awesome

If things play out in just the right way, Sony and Microsoft have some real competition to deal with. If not, it’ll still be fun to try and break.

Once upon a time, there was this small-form-factor PC you could buy called a SteamBox. It was designed to hook up to your television and give you access to the almost 40,000 games at Valve’s Steam storefront.

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Chrome 80 will help tame those annoying notification requests

The web is about to become a little less annoying.

What you need to know Chrome will introduce a new, quieter way to handle notification requests from websites starting with version 80. Users will be able to opt-in manually to the quieter notifications, or in some cases will be automatically enrolled. If you don’t feel like waiting for Chrome 80 to try it out, you can enable it in Chrome’s experimental features in version 79.

In the  [Read More…]

Google wants to make navigation in Chrome easier with new UI for tab groups

The change is supposed to make tab grouping work better with the larger ‘Duet’ redesign for the browser.

What you need to know Google is looking to harmonize tab groups with a more extensive redesign of Chrome on Android. Tabs in the open tab group are currently displayed at the bottom of the screen. With the design in question, these would be moved to a floating bar above the tabs button.

Google’s engineers are currently testing a  [Read More…]

The new Google Assistant lets you level up voice commands with Chrome

You can open and close tabs, bookmark pages, and more using just your voice.

What you need to know Google is working on better integration between Assistant and the Chrome browser. Enabling an experimental flag in the browser will let you control it with voice commands. The new voice controls include the ability to open and close tabs, bookmark pages, reload pages, and more.

Alongside a new UI and much, much faster performance thanks to local processing,  [Read More…]

Google has fixed the Chrome 79 bug, says user data was not lost

Developers don’t need to make any changes; the update should resolve all issues and recover any ‘lost’ data on its own.

What you need to know A bug with Chrome for WebView had caused Google to stall the Chrome 79 update on Android. Google has now clarified that user data was not lost; it was simply not visible to apps. The company has fixed the issue and resumed the update. All problems should be fixed once the  [Read More…]

Chrome 79 update paused after causing users to lose data in some apps

Bug affects third-party apps that use Chrome for WebView.

What you need to know Chrome 79 has paused its rollout after a bug that caused users to lose data in third-party apps. It’s possible third-party apps that used Chrome to display webpages could have signed you out or lost your data. The Chromium team is aware of the issue and is weighing options on how to best fix it.

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