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Splitting your screen makes your Chromebook even that more useful

I find that people are often surprised at just how flexible Chromebooks are as work or entertainment devices. Many of the same features that more established or expensive computers like Windows PCs and MacBooks have can also be found on Chromebooks, such as screen casting, virtual desktops, and split-screen multitasking. I’ll show you just how easy it is to enable split screens on your Chromebook so that even a modest-sized device like my little ASUS C214 Flip can  [Read More…]

If the Wi-Fi on your Chromebook isn’t up to par, try these tips

I love using my Chromebook when I’m working from home to be as portable and productive as possible. With its touchscreen, stylus, and 360-degree hinge, I also find that it makes a great entertainment device as well — until the Wi-Fi starts acting finicky. If this happens to you, here are a few simple things you can try to get things up and working again as intended.

How to fix slow Wi-Fi: Turn it off then turn it  [Read More…]

Need a replacement USB-C charger for your Chromebook? Got you covered.

One of the most important upgrades Chromebooks have gotten over the last three years is the switch from old, proprietary barrel connector chargers to simple, standard, widely-adopted USB-C Power Delivery charging. Because of this, no matter how expensive or affordable, all Chromebooks releases in the last few years can use the same reliable USB-C chargers, and here are my favorite single-port and multi-port chargers.

Sleek and swift RAVPower 45W Ultrathin PD Charger

Staff pick

This Chromebook charger  [Read More…]

These are the best USB microphones for your Chromebook

Chromebooks are more than capable laptops compared to what they used to be, and that includes better support for peripherals. USB microphones are an easy way to record audio, but with Chromebooks, the path of least resistance is to find mics that don’t need drivers to run on ChromeOS. There are several that fit the bill, including the Blue Microphones Yeti and others that you can use for audio recording.

Like a pro Blue Microphones Yeti

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  [Read More…]

Just throw your Chromebook into one of these sleeves and get going

Chromebooks continue to grow in popularity due to their portability, lower price point compared to other laptops, and improvements to Chrome OS. These have truly become laptop replacements, but it’s always important to protect your investment. We have found the best Chromebook sleeves that you can get.

Bare bones AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve Case

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The AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve case is great for those who want a no-nonsense laptop sleeve. There are no additional pockets, and  [Read More…]

These are the best external hard drives for your Chromebook

Chromebooks suffer from similar limitations as other laptops, depending on the configuration of the model you choose. Sometimes you may run out of storage space. If you’re unable to replace the solid-state drive (SSD), you’ll need to look at an external storage solution. We’ve rounded up a few for your Chromebook.

Speedy & Portable

Staff pick

Samsung T5 Portable SSD

Samsung T5 Portable SSD

This external solution from Samsung is perfect for Chromebooks (as well  [Read More…]

Our favorite Chromebook in years, the Pixelbook Go, is now 10% off

The original Pixelbook was pretty pricey with its base model starting at $ 999, but its successor is not only more affordable but includes some much-needed improvements as well. Now, thanks to an exclusive offer at Best Buy, you can save an additional 10% on various configurations of the Google Pixelbook Go when you login with a My Best Buy account and clip the coupon on its product page. If you’re not a member already, it’s free to join and  [Read More…]

Yes, you can actually use Zoom on a Chromebook!

Zoom is one of, if not the most, popular video calling/chatting/conferencing app around right now as more people adjust to working from home and it is available across just about every platform you can imagine. That’s right, you can even participate in Zoom calls on your Chromebook! I’ll show you two quick and easy ways to get set up for your next work team conference call or BFF virtual happy hour.

Products used in this guide Reliable Chromebook:  [Read More…]

How to record the screen on a Chromebook

While Chromebooks can’t install more traditional screen recording applications, the truth is that these days all you need to record your screen is a good Chrome extension. Google doesn’t offer its own screen recording extension, unfortunately, but there are plenty of screen recording extensions out there from third parties, chief among them being Screencastify. Now that a lot of us are working from home and might need some extra help on our home devices, here’s how to start  [Read More…]

Using your Chromebook with a monitor, mouse and keyboard


Let’s turn that Chromebook into a bigger work (or fun) station.

One of the most wonderful things about Chromebooks is how simple they are — you don’t have to buy additional accessories to make them work, they just do most of what people want out of the box. But perhaps you have additional needs like using a larger external screen, necessitating having an external keyboard and mouse in the process.

Sound like something you need to do?  [Read More…]