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Steam for Chrome OS would make Chromeboxes even more awesome

If things play out in just the right way, Sony and Microsoft have some real competition to deal with. If not, it’ll still be fun to try and break.

Once upon a time, there was this small-form-factor PC you could buy called a SteamBox. It was designed to hook up to your television and give you access to the almost 40,000 games at Valve’s Steam storefront.

I bought a SteamBox. It worked surprisingly well until I bricked  [Read More…]

The top 5 best Chromeboxes

Looking for the best Chromebox that’s easy to set up and use? Here are 5 great options that will work for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to replace your old desktop PC that’s too slow to surf the web or you just need an all-in-one accessory to manage your tasks on your TV, a quality Chromebox could be the answer. These small, desktop-like boxes run Chrome OS and feature decent hardware for web searches and streaming movies  [Read More…]

Acer launches new, Intel Core i3-powered Chromeboxes

Acer has announced new, improved versions of their Chromeboxes, with more powerful Intel Core i3 processors. The new models also feature support for higher-resolution displays