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Maybe AI can keep Warner Brothers from ruining the DC cinematic universe

The studio has made a pact with Cinelytic to use its AI project management system.

What you need to know Warner Brothers has struck a deal with Cinelytic to use its AI project management system. The system uses data and analytics to guide decision-making when it comes to greenlighting films. It can estimate the value of certain actors, and how much money a film could make in theaters.

Warner Brothers has struck a deal with Cinelytic as  [Read More…]

Ghost of Tsushima gets stunning cinematic trailer and release window

Sucker Punch has been hard at work and it looks to have been paying off.

What you need to know Ghost of Tsushima received a new extended trailer at The Game Awards. The trailer picks up where its State of Play teaser left off, and is 4-minutes long. It will release Summer 2020.

A few days ago during Sony’s last State of Play livestream for the year, a short trailer for Ghost of Tsushima was revealed, with  [Read More…]

Blood and Truth for PlayStation VR review: Cinematic gold

Blood and Truth is one of the best first-person shooters I’ve played in VR.

First-person is tricky in VR. You think it would be easy, after all, being in VR is all about being in the action, but so many games make the same basic mistakes. Locomotion is either too frantic or too clunky, the game leaves you to wander aimlessly, or the combat is janky.

Blood and Truth — the latest PlayStation VR game from London  [Read More…]

How to change the screen size in PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode

Become completely immersed

PlayStation VR’s Cinematic Mode is basically everything you would see in a ‘normal’ PlayStation 4 experience but seen through your headset. Regular, non-VR adapted games and apps can still be viewed through the headset in this mode, which is good since there’s a lot of times you’ll need to access things that aren’t specifically VR.

It’s like looking at a big cinema screen, but you can change how big the screen is for a  [Read More…]

PlayStation VR’s Cinematic Mode received an update and it’s better than ever

Did the PlayStation 4.50 patch change PSVR?

PlayStation patch 4.50 is here, and with it comes a bunch of significant changes to the PS4, as well as a few changes to PlayStation VR. Cinematic mode and the Social Screen received notable upgrades, and you can now also watch 3D Blu-Rays within your headset. Let’s take a deeper look at exactly what the changes bring and what they mean for PSVR.

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