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Google Classroom sees a doubling user-base as more students work from home

Google’s Classroom software becomes more important as learning shifts to remote sessions.

What you need to know Google’s Classroom sees a rise in users as more education takes place online. The service’s userbase has doubled, now reaching 100 million users. Classroom has seen rises in regions previously underserved like Italy and Indonesia.

As could be predicted, Google has seen a rise of users to its Google Classroom service as more and more students and teachers pop online  [Read More…]

How does Apple’s new push for the education compare to Chromebooks in the classroom?

Apple’s new education offerings are clearly aimed at the Chromebook but are they enough?

Hooray competition!

Apple had its focus on education event in Chicago this week, and the company is getting serious about taking back one market it used to have under tight control: the classroom. Not too long ago, if you were to look at the computing products school systems were buying you would have seen an Apple logo on almost all of them. Apple  [Read More…]

Google Classroom now lets teachers prep their classes in advance, add more than one teacher to class

Google will allow teachers to prep their lesson plans as drafts and add more than one teacher to a classroom in the latest set of feature additions to Classroom.

Google Classroom allows teachers to spend more time with their students and less time on the paperwork, and it is now even better. Google’s latest announcement brings new functionality to Google Classroom. Included in the new functionality is the ability to add more than one teacher, as  [Read More…]

Acer launches two Chromebooks built to withstand the classroom

Acer has launched two Chromebooks targeted at the education segment. Available in 15-inch (C910) and 11.6-inch (C740) versions, the Chromebooks feature durable shells that can withstand up to 130 pounds of force and survive 18-inch drops without any damage. Both models also come with reinforced hinges, with the more portable C740 getting extended metal hinges that ensure the Chromebook doesn’t twist under stress.

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Google’s new Classroom mobile app helps connect teachers and students

Google has launched a new mobile app as part of its previously-announced Classroom education service. The app offers features designed to help both students and teachers.