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Samsung temporarily closes Galaxy Z Flip factory over Coronavirus case

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold are manufactured at the affected Gumi plant.

What you need to know Samsung has confirmed a Coronavirus case at its phone factory complex in Gumi, South Korea. The company has decided to shut down the entire facility until Monday morning. Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold smartphones are manufactured at the Gumi plant.

Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone vendor, has confirmed a coronavirus case at its phone factory  [Read More…]

Vertu closes shop, leaving billionaires to buy phones elsewhere

It’s finally the end of the road for this UK luxury phone company.

After running with what seemed like an unsustainable business model for years, luxury phone maker Vertu has shut down. The BBC reports Vertu is currently in the process of liquidating its assets, and 200 people have subsequently lost their jobs.

Vertu had previously changed hands a couple of times since being founded in 1998, most recently being sold by its Chinese owner in March to a  [Read More…]

Facebook shuts down Slingshot and Riff apps, closes Creative Labs division

Facebook is doing some internal housecleaning, as it has confirmed two of its stand alone Android apps have been removed from Google Play. In addition, the company has decided to shutter its Creative Labs division, which was supposed to allow its employees to help develop new and innovative apps.

Sony closes down its European online store, redirects consumers to partners

Sony has closed its online store in Europe. Should you wish to purchase a product from the company in the region, you’ll need to choose one of Sony’s partners. The main European website for Sony now acts as a gateway for consumers to read up more on its catalogue, while offloading sales to partnered stores.

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Lollipop closes in on 10 percent of active Android installs, KitKat and Jelly Bean each fall under 40 percent

Google has just released its May report on Android platform versions, showing growth in Lollipop.

The monthly report, which shows how many active Android devices are running on each version of the software, shows that Lollipop has grown significantly to 9.7 percent of installs, up from 5.4 percent last month. KitKat dropped subtly to 39.8 percent from 41.4 percent, while Jelly Bean moved to 39.2 percent from 40.7.

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EE announces Q1 2015 earnings, closes quarter with 9.3 million 4G customers

UK mobile operator EE today announced the company’s financial results for Q1 2015. EE remains Europe’s largest 4G operator, but aims to increase 4G user base to 14 million by year end.

Samsung closes flagship store in London amid sales decline

Samsung has shut down its flagship Experience Store in London’s Westfield Stratford shopping center. One of ten such retail locations around the country, the store was located in a prominent section of the mall and was often the first retail outlet to commence sales of devices like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5.

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T-Mobile closes deal for 700MHz spectrum, reiterates commitment to LTE rollout

Carrier CTO claims more reliable coverage is coming, and EDGE will continue to disappear in favor of LTE.

T-Mobile has finally closed a deal to acquire highly-valuable 700MHz spectrum from Verizon, enabling the next wave of network upgrades for the carrier. In the wireless world not all spectrum is created equal, with lower frequencies being more desirable because they travel further distances and better penetrate buildings. Both of these attributes are badly needed on T-Mobile’s network  [Read More…]

UK closes tax loophole on digital downloads, Google Play prices likely to increase

Buried within the recent Budget, it seems that UK Chancellor, George Osborne, has announced that digital content downloads will pay tax based on the country they are sold in. In other words all content from Google Play, Amazon, iTunes and so on, will be subject to the standard UK rate of VAT at 20%.


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