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Leaked Pixel 4a wallpapers are artsy, colorful, and downloadable

Make your phone feel like a Pixel 4a with these wallpapers.

What you need to know Wallpapers to be preloaded on the upcoming PIxel 4a wallpaper have been leaked online. These are available to download from Mega. The Pixel 4a is said to be launching on June 3rd alongside Android 11.

The Pixel 4a is coming in three weeks, but the leaks just won’t wait for its arrival. After sharing a camera review and benchmarks, the folks  [Read More…]

Colorful PlayStation 4 controllers you may be interested in

PlayStation supports a wide variety of accessories, but none are as crucial as the DualShock 4 controller, which is a necessity if you want to game at all. Since its standard black color is rather dull and people always want options, thankfully there are over a dozen variants to spice up players’ collections. Here are several choices you may be interested in.

Cool & Complimentary

Staff pick

Berry Blue

There’s a reason I like to call  [Read More…]

Wind down with the latest colorful puzzle game from Bart Bonte

While searching for a great new game to feature this week, I discovered a game simply titled “blue”, which was of course the latest release from indie developer Bart Bonte’s series of color-based puzzle games. I found it as a featured title in Google Play’s Indie Corner and decided to give it a go — which then of course led me to re-download the other three games in the series.

There’s something to be said about how  [Read More…]

Galaxy S10e review: Samsung’s iPhone XR is a colorful winner

A (nearly) complete Galaxy S10 experience in a smaller, less expensive package.

Two undeniable trends have defined the smartphone world over the last few years: smartphones are getting bigger, and they’re getting more expensive. You can argue which company did the big phone first, and which pushed the envelope on pricing, but the reality is that your average phone today has a screen well north of six inches and is dangerously close to $ 1000.

Samsung is,  [Read More…]

Withings returns with colorful $70 Move smartwatch that has 18-mo battery

The trials and tribulations of Withings are well documented. The once-independent hardware startup known for creating stylish, functional wearables, released a number of impressive products under the Activité and Steel lines back through 2016 — until it was acquired by newly phone-free Nokia.

Nokia, like Intel and many larger companies that struggled to integrate wearables into their long-term focus, ended up releasing minor iterations of Withings’ existing products until it reached a deal in mid-2018 to sell the  [Read More…]

Protect your Moto G6 with this slim and colorful case for just $12

Want to spruce up your Moto G6 while also protecting it from regular wear and tear? Anccer’s got you covered.

Thanks to its glass back and slim profile, the Moto G6 is undoubtedly one of the better-looking budget phones you can buy right now. In fact, if you didn’t know any better, it’d be easy to confuse it for a phone that costs hundreds of dollars more.

However, as nice as the G6 looks, there are a  [Read More…]

Grab this colorful wireless charging pad for $28 today!

Wireless charging is an awesome way to charge your phone if you happen to have a compatible device. Tylt’s Vu Solo wireless charging pad is a great option for anyone that has a phone that will work on it due to its small size, and colorful options that are available. Right now you can pick one up in red, blue, green, or grey for just $ 28.

A generation without colorful phones

We get it, these colors are working for Apple. Stop it anyway.

We’ve reached the middle of April, which means all of the big names in the smartphone world that aren’t based in Cupertino have unveiled their big offerings for the year. They all seem really impressive, too. Samsung’s refined design language almost comes off as a piece of jewelry, LG has jumped on the all metal train, and it looks like HTC is actually going  [Read More…]

You can now mark your favorite locations with colorful stickers in Google Maps

Google Maps users have new options for navigating their way to their destinations. Google is adding colorful stickers that can be used to label and save addresses on the Maps app, such as home and work locations.

The stickers themselves include representations of regular houses or buildings, but there are also more esoteric choices such as igloos, treehouses and even submarines. Google says:

To save home and work addresses and other destinations, just make sure  [Read More…]

These colorful USB-C cables are on sale today for only $13.95!

Great for charging and transferring data, these USB-C cables from Ventev measure 3.3 feet in length and come in a variety of colors to fit your style. The flat cables are designed prevent tangles and support a rapid 3-amp charge!