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Oculus Link now works with the cable that comes with your Oculus Quest

You’ll no longer need to buy an additional cable just to play PC VR games with your Oculus Quest.

What you need to know Oculus Software update v17 enables USB 2.0 cables to work with Oculus Link. The 3 meter USB Type-C charging cable that’s included with every Oculus Quest can now work as an Oculus Link cable. Not all motherboards will support the new connectivity, so your mileage may vary with compatibility.

For some months now,  [Read More…]

Google’s RCS-powered Chat comes to Italy and Singapore

Google promised to bring RCS to more regions in 2020 after a limited release in 2019.

What you need to know RCS is a set of standards that makes SMS a contender in an age of instant messaging. Google rolled out its implementation of the standard in 2019 to the U.S., UK, Mexico, and France. Now reports indicate it’s testing it out in Italy and Singapore as well.

Google’s RCS service is reaching more people after an  [Read More…]

The Battle on Scarif update comes to Star Wars Battlefront 2 on April 29

Enter the Age of Rebellion with the first large-scale battle the Rebels ever won.

What you need to know The Battle on Scarif update for Star Wars Battlefront II has a new release date. Players can expect the update to drop on April 29. In addition to titular Scarif, there are several new hero appearances that are being added in this update.

Star Wars Battlefront II fans, rejoice. While The Battle on Scarif update was previously pushed  [Read More…]

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker comes to Disney Plus on May the 4th

What you need to know Disney+ completes the Skywalker Saga with The Rise of Skywalker joining its library on May 4 for subscribers in the US and several other countries. May the 4th, an unofficial Star Wars holiday, is already set for the finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the premiere of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian. The title art for each of the Star Wars films and series will also be replaced with original concept art for  [Read More…]

OPPO’s new Find X2 Lite comes with 5G connectivity, 48MP quad rear cameras

The phone has very little in common with the flagship Find X2 and Find X2 Pro models.

What you need to know OPPO has unveiled a new mid-range 5G phone, called the Find X2 Lite. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 765G chipset and features a 48MP quad-camera setup on the back. It is actually a rebranded variant of the Reno 3 Youth that was launched in China earlier this year.

OPPO has quietly launched (via  [Read More…]

Google Assistant support comes to all TVs and set-top boxes

While support has been available for select devices for a while, this official support opens it up to all manufacturers for implementation into more products.

What you need to know Support is being added for TVs, set-top boxes, and media remotes. Selecting apps, changing inputs, and playback control are some of the commands that will be available. These three additions come to the list of over 60 existing devices already available.

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Amazon Echo Frames review: Alexa comes for your eyes and ears

I’ve looked forward to these for quite a while.

Those of us who follow Amazon’s development of Alexa closely have been saying for some time that for it to truly succeed, the company would need to find a way to get the smart voice assistant out of the house and into the real world. Through various third-party partnerships, successes like the Echo Buds, and failures like the Fire Phone, Amazon has slowly been chipping away at this  [Read More…]

Marshall’s new Uxbridge Voice smart speaker comes with Alexa built-in

Google Assistant and Tencent Xiaowei variants are planned for later in the year.

What you need to know Marshall announces its Uxbridge Voice smart speaker with Alexa. It’ll ship from April 8 from just $ 199. A Google Assistant equipped version is slated for launch later in the summer.

Marshall has announced the new Uxbridge Voice, its Amazon Alexa equipped smart speaker.

The Uxbridge Voice smart Speaker is Marshall’s smallest and most compact option, offering a variety  [Read More…]

What software comes with eero Secure+ and do I need it?

Best answer: An eero Secure+ subscription comes with a secure VPN, a password manager, Malwarebytes, and all of the benefits of eero Secure. Forget about ads and keep track of your network traffic through the eero app.

Cover your whole house with reliable Wi-Fi: eero (3-pack) ($ 249 at Amazon) Stay protected with built-in software: eero Secure+ ($ 99 per year at eero) Staying safe online

When the internet was young, your biggest risk online was a  [Read More…]

Android 10 finally comes to the Moto G7 Plus

The first non-Android One Moto to receive the update.

What you need to know Motorola has now started rolling out Android 10 to the Moto G7 Plus. It’s Motorola’s first non-Android One handset to receive the update. The firm expects to complete the roll-out by February.

Motorola is finally updating the G7 Plus to Android 10 after bringing the update to its other handsets like the Motorola One Vision, One Power, and One Hyper. This is also  [Read More…]