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Cyanogen Mod 7: Coming soon to the HP Touchpad


If you were one of the lucky few who managed to snag an HP Touchpad for $ 99-$ 149 a week ago in hopes that someone would find a way to get the Android operating system on there, it seems your short wait may soon be over.  This weekend brought a few big steps towards making this dream a possibility.

First, AndroidSpin is reporting that the HP Touchpad now has ClockworkMod  [Read More…]

Blu-Ray Videos Coming with Android Viewing Option

Blu-Ray videos are starting to come with an Android option so that you can download the video to your device.

Unstoppable which just came out this week is the first movie to come with this new technology.

To access Blu-ray Digital Copy on Android, users must have Blu-ray disc, a wi-fi connected Blu-ray player, Android 1.6  or higher, and the PocketBLU app, which can be downloaded free from the  Android Market.


Here’s the Press  [Read More…]

CONFIRMED: Google TV coming to Europe early next year


Rumors emerged earlier today suggested that Google would introduce GoogleTV to the UK in the next six months. In his Mac Taggart lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt confirmed that GTV is coming to not only the UK, but much of Europe as well.

“We expect Google TV to launch in Europe  [Read More…]

Samsung reminds why we love the Galaxy S II, and that it’s coming soon to the US

Galaxy S II

Samsung may have had to set their big shin-dig back a day to Tuesday because of hurricane Irene, but they know we’re all ready and waiting for the Galaxy S IIto hit here in the states.  To get our mouth watering just a tiny bit more, they have just sent out a couple teaser slides and a new video showing how the Galaxy S II simply rocks.  We can’t argue,  [Read More…]

Google TV finally coming to UK?


Android Central

So Google TV might not have ever been the most popular product ever launched, but so far only the Americans have had the chance to play with it. The long wait could be at an end for us Brits though, as Eric Schmidt is expected to announce its arrival on UK shores in a speech this evening.

Schmidt is delivering a lecture at  [Read More…]

Android Port For iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS Coming Along

It’s quite ironic really when you think about it. Not content with the umpteen different Androidhandsets available these days, it seems some people want to run Google’s finest on their iPhones too.

In a forum post on ModMyI, Joshua Tucker has published an interview with the guy behind the project to get Android running on the iPhone 3GS and A4-based hardware such as iPhone 4 and iPad.

Nick Pack, product leader of the iDroid Project tells Tucker how the  [Read More…]