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BBK Electronics: Meet the company that owns OnePlus, OPPO, Vivo, and Realme

With five phone companies under its wing, BBK is the world’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer.

Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, with Huawei overtaking Apple to take second place last year. But there’s another story playing out in the lower tiers. In the previous five years, brands like OPPO and Vivo have dominated sales in China and India, and these brands are now turning their attention to Western markets.

What’s interesting about OPPO and Vivo is that  [Read More…]

Zoom’s ‘Company Directory’ feature exposes personal data of thousands

Zoom’s privacy and security is not really inspiring much confidence, is it?

What you need to know Zoom has a ‘Company Directory’ feature which pools users of the same domain name, making it easier to find colleagues if you work in the same company. However, countless users are saying that their personal email addresses have been pooled with thousands of random people. Personal data including full names, mail addresses, profile picture and statuses were all shared with  [Read More…]

Nokia Mobile parent company launches a global data roaming SIM card

With HMD Connect, you won’t have to go through the hassle of purchasing a local SIM card when traveling.

What you need to know HMD Global has introduced a global roaming data SIM card called HMD Connect. The SIM card works in 120 countries across the globe and offers plans starting at €9.95 ($ 10.7). You can activate your SIM and manage bundles using the HMD Connect App, which is now available to download from the Play  [Read More…]

Amazon is latest company to pull out of GDC 2020

News is happening fast. Here’s a rundown of all the companies that have decided not to attend.

It seems like every day now, a new company announces it’s pulling out of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco due to health concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). It makes sense since the outbreak is hitting the tech industry at large and gaming has seen delays and esports league cancelations.

While we await more news on GDC, one  [Read More…]

Alphabet becomes the fourth trillion dollar company

You can guess the next big company, and it rhymes with Macebook.

What you need to know Alphabet has earned a market capitalization value of $ 1 trillion, according to CNBC. Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon have all hit $ 1 trillion, in that respective order. Analysts predict the next trillion-dollar company will be Facebook.

Investors were not scared by Alphabet’s CEO and President stepping down at the end of 2019, as the company’s market value has hit  [Read More…]

Israeli cybersecurity company found serious vulnerabilities in TikTok

They were discovered in November last year and fixed in December.

What you need to know An Israeli cybersecurity firm found serious vulnerabilities in popular video app tikTok. They would have allowed hackers to manipulate user data and reveal personal information. TikTok was notified about the problems on November 20 last year and fixed them in December.

An Israeli cybersecurity firm found serious vulnerabilities in popular video app TikTok, that unchecked, could have allowed hackers to manipulate  [Read More…]

Google’s former political chief says the company is maybe kinda evil

The “Don’t be evil” motto is being called into question.

What you need to know Google policy head Ross LaJeunesse calls out Google’s hypocrisy in its “Don’t be evil” motto. LaJeunesse is a Democrat running for Senate in Maine against a vulnerable Republican. Cooperation with the Chinese and Saudi Arabian governments most alarmed him.

A former Google Head of International Relations, Ross LaJeunesse, is taking on the company directly as he campaigns for Senate. LaJeunesse specifically calls  [Read More…]

Tech companies need Africa and Africa needs tech company dollars

Big business and big government have a long history of exploitation when it comes to Africa and its people. It’s time to start making things right.

Recently Google, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla and other tech companies were named in a lawsuit that claims each knew that forced child labor is being used to mine the cobalt that goes into a lithium-ion battery. The cobalt in question is being mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and if  [Read More…]

Sundar Pichai is the new CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet

Larry Page and Sergey Brin will continue to be Board members.

What you need to know Larry Page and Sergey Brin are stepping down from their leadership roles at Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Google CEO Sundar Pichai is being appointed as Alphabet’s new CEO. Sundar will retain his role at Google, too.

Big things are changing in the Google and Alphabet world. On December 3, 2019, Larry Page and Sergey Brin — the co-founders of both companies  [Read More…]

A look at why Fitbit users hated Google buying the company

Some of the reasons are misguided and some are disingenuous. But for many, the real reason is that they just don’t like Google.

Most of the online chatter about how Google buying Fitbit is a crisis waiting to happen has died down. That’s good in some ways while being bad in other ways. It seems all good crises are that way. With the dust settled, I’ve spent some time looking at how it all played out and  [Read More…]