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Ubisoft confirms 11 games this console cycle sold over 10 million copies

The publishing giant has seen massive increases in multiple franchises over the last console generation.

What you need to know Ubisoft’s Q4 and end of year results have been posted. 11 Ubisoft games have sold over 10 million copies in the current console generation. There are five major games planned for the next financial year but one of them may be delayed.

Ubisoft has posted its results for Q4 and the end of the fiscal year, as  [Read More…]

PlayStation 5 reveal livestream: Watch as Sony details its next-gen console

Sony is finally ready to share more information on the PlayStation 5.

What you need to know Sony is set to offer a “deep dive” into the PlayStation 5 architecture. We will likely get to see the specs on offer with Sony’s next-gen console, and get a better look at the marquee features. The livestream kicks off at 9am PT/12pm ET.

Sony revealed the PlayStation 5 logo earlier this year, but after that there hasn’t been anything  [Read More…]

Konami’s TurboGrafx-16 Mini is the first console delayed by the coronavirus

The mini console has been delayed indefinitely.

What you need to know The TurboGrafx-16 is a home video game console that first released in 1987. Konami announced it had plans to release a mini version of the console. This mini version has since been delayed due to COVID-19, the coronavirus.

Ever heard of the TurboGrafx-16? Probably not, and I don’t blame you. It was a big hit in Japan and rivaled the SNES but never really gained  [Read More…]

Jiggle Physics Podcast #19: Console Wars: The Next Generation

eSports based on Activision Blizzard games are coming exclusively to YouTube through a new partnership with Google. Carli, Rebecca, and Jen also examine the next wave of console wars and why specs don’t really matter. On a related note, they discuss why Nintendo doesn’t have much to fear from PS5 and Xbox Series X even though they may be working on a Switch Pro.

Finally, Carli has spent some time playing Doom Eternal. As has been the  [Read More…]

More people use Pornhub through PlayStation than every console put together

PlayStation perpetuates Pornhub parodies and portrayals.

What you need to know Pornhub has released its 2019 year in review report, showing literally every trend or statistic on porn people care for. For 2019, PlayStation 4 users beat out every console platform for porn watching. The share for PlayStation 4 users is slightly down year-over-year.

Pornhub has published its 2019 report, and as usual, human beings are watching a lot of porn. Of particular note however, is the  [Read More…]

PlayStation recognized as ‘best-selling home console brand’ by Guinness

Congratulations are in order.

What you need to know On November 7, Guinness World Records announced that PlayStation was the best-selling home console brand. The original PlayStation to the PlayStation 4 have sold over 450 million units. The PlayStation 5 is expected to launch in Holiday 2020.

It’s no secret that Sony has been on a roll with the PlayStation 4. However, all of its previous consoles including the PlayStation 3, have sold really well. On November  [Read More…]

Thanks to Stadia there are now Console Master Race knuckleheads

Why can’t we let other people like other things?

If you visit that part of the internet where people talk about games, you might have seen this guy.

Playing games at 100+ FPS in 4K on my water-cooled gaming PC reminds me how trash anything played on an Xbox One X or PlayStation Pro 4 looks. Those textures are such hot garbage that take forever to render and don’t even get me started on load times or  [Read More…]

The PlayStation 4 is the second best-selling console of all time

The PlayStation 4 continues to climb the sales charts.

What you need to know Sony recently released its latest financial report and updated PlayStation 4 sales figures. According to this new report, the PlayStation 4 has reached 102.8 million consoles sold. This number means that the PlayStation 4 is the second best-selling console of all time.

According to Sony’s latest financial report, the PlayStation 4 crossed the PlayStation 4 is the second best-selling video game console of  [Read More…]

Xbox Console Streaming games to mobile devices hits Alpha preview rings

Xbox Console Streaming allowing you to use your home Xbox to stream games to a mobile device is about to begin rolling out to users in the Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead Xbox Insider preview rings. Here’s what we know so far.

Alongside Microsoft’s cloud-based Project xCloud, Microsoft is also prepping the ability to use your own Xbox console as a streaming node for games to mobile devices. Dubbed Xbox Console Streaming, the feature will begin hitting  [Read More…]

The PlayStation 5 will be a beast of a console

Best answer: There’s no way of knowing yet until both consoles are further detailed and tested with various games, but the specs that the PlayStation 5 boast are pretty impressive.

Limitless possibilities: PlayStation Store Gift Card (From $ 10 at Amazon) PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett tech specs

There’s a lot we don’t know about the next Xbox and PlayStation 5 yet, but Sony and Microsoft have given small glimpses into what’s under the hood of their  [Read More…]