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How to contact ExpressVPN customer support

With over 3,000 servers spread across 160 locations in 94 different countries, ExpressVPN offers one of the largest networks of any virtual private network (VPN) provider out there and this is one of the many reasons it is our top pick for the best VPN. It also has apps for all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux as well as detailed manual setup guides for Apple TV, Fire TV, Playstation, Chromebooks and more.

However, one of ExpressVPN’s  [Read More…]

Five EU states criticize Apple and Google over contact tracing in letter

Five member states wrote a fairly passive-aggressive letter, clearly aimed at Apple and Google.

What you need to know Five EU states have written a letter about contact tracing apps. Without mentioning Apple and Google by name, they were highly critical of the companies. They suggested Apple and Google were “imposing technical standards”, calling the move a misstep and a missed opportunity.

Five EU states have come together, penning a passive-aggressive letter clearly aimed at Apple and  [Read More…]

Ethics board warns contact tracing apps could amplify inequality

In the UK, 21% of adults do not own a smartphone.

What you need to know An Ethics Board has warned the NHS that its contact tracing app could exacerbate inequality. That’s because 21% of British adults don’t own a smartphone. The warning highlights the wider global limitation of contact tracing.

An ethics board has warned the NHS that its contact tracing app could amplify inequality in the UK, on the basis that 21% of adults do  [Read More…]

UK users targeted by malicious, fake contact tracing text messages

A message falsely warns users they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

What you need to know Scammers are reportedly preying on the UK’s upcoming contact tracing app. UK mobile users are receiving malicious texts, falsely stating they have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms. The attack could be used to steal personal information or compromise bank accounts.

A report suggests that scammers have already starting targeting UK  [Read More…]

Apple and Google show what a contact tracing app could look like

Apple and Google’s new contact tracing APIs will let public health agencies build efficient contact tracing apps.

What you need to know Apple and Google have teamed up to create a contact tracing API for their respective smartphone operating systems. The API will enable efficient and light contact tracing experiences on smartphones running iOS and Android. Both companies shared screenshots and code snippets this week to help developers get a headstart.

Amid the unprecedented actions taking to  [Read More…]

India’s Aarogya Setu contact tracing app is reportedly a privacy nightmare

Smartphone makers in India are being asked to preinstall the app on new devices.

What you need to know The Aarogya Setu contact tracing app reportedly enables federal surveillance. It was launched by the Indian government last month to help fight COVID-19 in the country. The app has been installed by over 75 million smartphone users in India so far.

India rolled out a contact tracing app called Aarogya Setu last month to help track coronavirus infection  [Read More…]

AC Podcast 472: Shipments down, Budget phones; Contact tracing explained

Daniel and Jerry are joined by Lory Gil of iMore for a chat about global smartphone shipments tumbling. Apple’s move to put their flagship processor into a budget phone is a shot across the bow of Qualcomm and all other device manufacturers.

They have an in-depth conversation about contract tracing and the technology behind Apple and Google’s joint COVID-19 exposure notification API. Tune in and learn what it does and how it protects your privacy while helping make  [Read More…]

Irish government confirms it will use de-centralized contact tracing model

It means user data will only be held on individual devices, not a server.

What you need to know The Irish government has revealed its plans for its contact tracing app. It says it’s actively involved with Apple and Google to help develop a national app to help with contact tracing. The app will use a ‘de-centralized’ model, which means user data will not be kept on a central server, only user’s devices.

The Irish government has  [Read More…]

Contact tracing stirs debate in Canada

“We’re entering into a totally new class or form of surveillance”

What you need to know A report has revealed that privacy watchdogs in Canada are worried about contact tracing. Some have voiced concern over what they think is a totally new level of surveillance. Others have suggested that with the right laws, the technology can be used effectively without disenfranchising individuals.

A report from Canada has revealed that watchdogs are concerned about the potential levels of  [Read More…]

The NHS defends its decision to use centralized contact tracing

“Engineers have met several core challenges for the app to meet public health needs…”

What you need to know The UK’s National Health Service is lining up to debut its contact tracing app. Efforts have been met with skepticism over its decision not to follow Apple and Google’s decentralized model. Despite this, NHSX says that its engineers have met the challenges that this could cause.

The NHS has said that its UK contact tracing app will be  [Read More…]