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The budget Rachio 3e 8-zone smart sprinkler controller has dropped by $20

The Rachio 3e 8-zone smart Wi-Fi sprinkler controller is down to $ 129.99 at Best Buy. You can also find this $ 20 available at other retailers like Home Depot and even through Best Buy’s eBay store. The drop is one of the only discounts we’ve seen on this version of Rachio’s smart sprinkler controller, which is already designed to be a budget version in the first place. The regular Rachio 3 sells for $ 190 at most places like  [Read More…]

Water smarter and save money with $50 off the Rachio 3 sprinkler controller

The Rachio 3 has a 12-zone version of its smart sprinkler controller, and it’s currently $ 50 off through the Costco website. That brings the Rachio 3 down to $ 169.99 from $ 220. Right now it’s the best deal on the Rachio 3. The 8-zone controller is going for $ 149 at Best Buy, so you get the flexibility of a 12-zone controller for just $ 20 more. And the 8-zone version is going for as much as $  [Read More…]

Google Stadia gets wireless Stadia Controller support on web

This is a nice surprise.

What you need to know Google Stadia is a cloud game streaming service. It’s getting a lot of interesting games in the coming months. Now you can use a Stadia Controller with Google Chrome. You can purchase a Stadia bundle for $ 130 through the Google Store.

Google Stadia is a cloud game streaming service that launched in November 2019 to a lot of excitement. Unfortunately, the lack of games and technical  [Read More…]

Jiggle Physics 30: PS5 Controller; Best game remakes

The gang take a look at the DualSense controller for the upcoming PS5. They also talk about the remake of Final Fantasy VII, which leads into a discussion of the best remakes of all time. Also, can easy mode be too easy?

Hosted by: Jennifer Locke, Carli Velocci, and Rebecca Spear

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Take a look at the new DualSense controller, releasing alongside PS5 | Android Central  [Read More…]

Take a look at the new DualSense controller, releasing alongside PS5

The DualSense looks to be a step above its predecessor, but the design doesn’t appear to have undergone any groundbreaking changes.

What you need to know PlayStation 5’s specs and features were previously revealed and it runs at 10.28 TFLOPS. We now got our first good look at the DualSense controller. It features haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and more.

The DualShock 5, now officially called the DualSense, has been unveiled by Sony on this random Tuesday. As  [Read More…]

Get down to gaming with the best controller for your Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi makes a great retro gaming console with several different custom-built operating systems designed to get your game on. And they’re quite a few different controllers to choose from, so the decision can be rather rough. But to find a good controller, here’s where you start looking for one!

Comfortable and Durable 8Bitdo SN30 USB Gamepad

Staff pick

This SNES styled controller is built tough and is comfortable enough to play with all night.  [Read More…]

A new patent points to a wireless charger add-on for the PS5 controller

Another day brings another new Sony controller patent, this time for a device that looks remarkably familiar.

What you need to know A new Sony controller patent has been spotted. This patent is for a wireless charging attachment that looks quite similar to the DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment. It’s unclear if this device eventually evolved into the Back Button Attachment, or is meant for the PlayStation 5.

Many patents for possible PlayStation 5 controller designs have  [Read More…]

A new patent indicates the PS5 controller might read biometric data

More Sony patents emerge, shedding light on possible future controller plans.

What you need to know A new patent has been filed by Sony for a different design of controller. This patent is for features on a controller that could read biometric data from players for gameplay feedback. The PlayStation 5 controller has not been described as having any of these features so far.

More and more Sony patents for possibly controller designs are continuing to appear.  [Read More…]

Add a touchscreen controller to Stadia using TouchStadia

Play Stadia games without a physical controller.

What you need to know TouchStadia adds an on-screen controller when playing games using a touchscreen device. It makes use of a JavaScript snippet when using Chrome in desktop mode to play Stadia games. Stadia added support for several new phones last week,, including many Samsung flagships and gaming phones from ASUS and Razer.

Google launched its cloud gaming service Stadia last November to a lukewarm reception. While Stadia had  [Read More…]

It’s easy to use an Xbox One controller with your Android device

Did you know it’s possible to use an Xbox One controller with your Android device? That’s because, as of the release of the Xbox One S, Microsoft started outfitting its Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth radios. While this feature was made mostly for PC gaming, you’ll be happy to know that it works surprisingly well with Android phones. While there may be more appropriate controllers for mobile gaming available, this is a nice trick to have in your  [Read More…]