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Google cracks down on Play Store subscription scams with new policies

Google will force developers to be more transparent with potential subscribers.

What you need to know Google is rolling out a change to how subscriptions operate in the Play Store. Its new policies now encourage developers to give users as much information and control as possible before they commit to subscriptions. The new policies go into effect from today for new developers, while veterans have 60 days to implement the necessary changes.

Google is making changes to  [Read More…]

Don’t worry about cracks or scratches with these Nokia 6.2 cases

The Nokia 6.2 is a bit more unique as an entry-level or budget device considering it’s powered by Android One. This gives it the feel of stock Android, along with better and faster updates and a smooth experience. Even with that smooth experience, you’ll want to keep the phone safe from accidents. These are the best cases you can get today!

Bare necessities Olixar FlexiShield Cover

Staff Pick

Olixar offers many great cases and one of  [Read More…]

Microsoft cracks down on Minecraft Earth Android APKs

Unauthorized Minecraft Earth installations are getting the boot from Android beta tests.

What you need to know The Minecraft Earth closed beta is now available on Android, following its iOS debut. Some Minecraft Earth users now face errors following unauthorized downloads.

The Minecraft Earth beta recently expanded to Android, bringing Microsoft’s upcoming augmented reality (AR) adventure to a fresh wave of devices. The ongoing tests saw over a month of early iOS trials, locked down to Apple’s  [Read More…]

WhatsApp cracks down on users of unofficial clients

It looks like WhatsApp has begun to crack down on users of third-party clients for the messaging service today. The company recently began instituting 24-hour bans for users of WhatsApp Plus, specifically. However, there have been various reports of WhatsAppMD users being affected as well.

Samsung cracks open Galaxy Note, reveals tabletphone components within

Galaxy Note teardown

Usually we have to wait for some brave individual to take screwdrivers, spudgers and the like to a device before we get to see what’s lurking inside. This time, however, Samsung’s saved you the trouble of voiding your warranty and being left with a heap of broken circuitry, with an official teardown of the Galaxy Note, its unique phone/tablet hybrid.

If you’ve never looked inside one of these things before, it’s  [Read More…]

CyanogenMod officially cracks 1 million unique installs

CyanogenMod Nexus One

Just yesterday, when we told you the developers behind CyanogenMod were thinking about releasing a root-only app store for Android, we mentioned that CyanogenMod has a unique user install base of around one million. Last night, that number became official.

Announced by Steve Kondik on Google+, this is a huge milestone for Android modding and the community behind it. CyanogenMod officially has over one million unique user  [Read More…]

iFixit cracks open the Droid RAZR, finds Droid RAZR parts inside

Droid RAZR

And here we have the Motorola Droid RAZR splayed across a table for all to see, courtesy of those crazy cracker-openers, iFixit. No real surprises inside — it’s got smartphone parts. But you get a great look at the uber-thin non-removable battery — complete with a “remove battery” tab. Go figure.

Source: iFixit