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Google Currents will finally replace Google+ in July

Google+ is finally shutting down for good.

What you need to know Google Plus is finally shutting down and being replaced with Currents. The service had migrated to be an enterprise exclusive one in 2019. Currents is rolling out from July 6.

After being shut down in 2018 and shunted into the enterprise, Google+ is finally shutting down for real next month (via The Verge) as Google replaces the service with a new Currents app (not to  [Read More…]

Google Currents update hitting the Market, improving data sync performance

Android Central

Google Currents has received its first update, with no new features to report but a couple of important fixes.

In the changelog we get stability improvements, and performance improvements in data sync. The second of these in particular will be welcome, with sync initially proving to be quite slow in some cases.

Download link below, although remember folks officially the app is still only available in the US.

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Add Android and Me to your Google Currents library


Filed under news we should’ve posted yesterday, we’re happy to announce that Android and Me is now available through Google Currents. You can find us by searching “Android and Me” or by directing your mobile browser to this link. I spent the extra day digging around inside the Currents Producer so I’ve got a few extra features to share with you.

And Me Current Edition

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Google announces Currents, its finger-friendly, Flipboard-esque news reader

Google Currents

Google today has finally unwrapped its long-rumored news magazine competitor to Flipboard on iOS. Called Currents and available on Android smartphones and tablets, along with the iPhone and iPad, it’s a finger-friendly way to sort through the latest news on a wide variety of subjects, much easier on the eye and the brain than sifting through pure RSS feeds.

The best part is that as easy as it is to read  [Read More…]

Google Currents arrives on Android to make newsreaders forget Flipboard

Google was previously rumored to have made an offer for Flipboard, an iOS-only application that brings in feeds from various news source and formats them beautifully for tablets. Google was unsuccessful in the bid for Flipboard, so it made its own.

Meet Google Currents, a “magazine-like editions view” of the news. Currents puts a heavy emphasis on photos and blocks of texts formatted to  [Read More…]

Google Currents now live in the Android Market


A little over a month ago we told you that Google Currents, Google’s Flipboard competitor, was coming soon. Though most of us were expecting Google Currents to launch tomorrow, Google Currents has been pushed to the Android Market a bit early, and is now available for all who want to give the service a try, if you live in the U.S.

Google Currents is an application that allows you to consume  [Read More…]