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LG Doubleplay Press Shots Leaked, Price and Launch Date Revealed

Remember the LG slider phone we showed you back in June, the one with the interesting dual-display design? The device was once again spotted in the wild, this time with T-Mobile branding on it. This leads us to believe that this device will hit T-Mo soon, which makes sense considering we caught it a few days ago in a T-Mobile leaked roadmap sporting the name Flip II. That  [Read More…]

Tip: Android Market website now sorts reviews by Date, Rating, and Helpfulness

Android Market reviews can often be a crapshoot in relevance and being resourceful, so we welcome any attempt to improve the way that they are displayed. The Android Market Website was recently updated to highlight more relevant comments and filter according to certain categories.

Artem at AndroidPolice notes that market.android.com entries now allow users to sort by Date, Rating, and Helpfulness. Users can get  [Read More…]

T-Mobile reveals Galaxy S II launch date and price


Samsung held the Samsung Galaxy S II event last month in New York, and T-Mobile was the only carrier that did not allow anyone to play around with its variant. Those precious devices were kept under glass, but T-Mobile is now finally ready to release more details about this super-phone, as well as the price and availability.

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II will come with a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor  [Read More…]

T-Mobile Galaxy S II release date coming next week, so check out this hands-on video


T-Mobile customers have been patiently waiting on a release date for the Samsung Galaxy S II while Sprint fans got their version of the device last week and AT&T gets some action on October 2nd. It doesn’t look like they will have to wait much longer because we just got invited to a special reception on September 26th to “celebrate the latest in 4G from T-Mobile.”

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Photo Days Gallery groups your photos according to date instead of folders [App Reviews]

The prevailing way to organize photos in most Android apps is to group them according to folder. For people who want their images organized according to a specific timeline, Photo Days Gallery is worth a look. Abandoning the folder-centric view, Photos Days Gallery groups pictures based on the day, month, or year that the image was created.

Photo Days Gallery is not always ideal.  [Read More…]

Twitter Poem Hints at Nexus Prime Details, Launch Date

Late last night and early this morning, the Android community was teased with a Twitter poem by one @tfleming223.  The subject matter? The Nexus Prime’s hardware details (LTE, world-roaming) and its alleged launch date.

Read on through the break for the full poem and glean what you will from the cryptic message.  Assuming this guy is right, and he likely is, we can expect a November 3rd debut for the  [Read More…]

AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II launch date is not Sept. 18th


If you were hoping to pick up AT&T’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II today, then you might be disappointed. A launch date of September 18th had been reported by quite a few sites, but the device is still listed as coming soon on AT&T’s site and it’s not available in stores.

AT&T’s official press release did not mention a release date and I tried calling several local stores but  [Read More…]

Droid Bionic release date is officially official, according to official commercial


As if the entire Droid Bionic saga wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve finally got officially official video confirmation that the Bionic’s release date is Sept. 8. A date you’ve probably heard once or twice or five times. Like Costco getting it then, or other, independent retailers getting it then, too.

This is on TV, so you know it’s real now. And in case you missed it, the Droid Bionic is coming out on September 8. Did everyone get that?

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