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How to choose the default hard drive for PlayStation 4 game downloads

If you’re in the process of switching to a new external hard drive you’ll want to get all the memory back onto your original PlayStation 4. Maybe, you gave up on the idea of an external hard drive altogether. Regardless, here’s how you can get all of your precious save files back onto your PlayStation and reset your options to go back to automatically saving to the default hard drive.

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How to set your default texting app on Android

Even with apps like WhatsApp and Telegram becoming extremely popular in the messaging space, chances are you still rely on old-fashioned SMS texting to stay in touch with certain people. All Android phones come with a texting app out of the box, but a quick search on the Google Play Store will reveal a multitude of alternative texting apps that are worth checking out. Should you happen to download one of these and are eager to make it  [Read More…]

How to change the Galaxy S20’s default keyboard to Gboard or SwiftKey

The Galaxy S20 has Samsung’s default keyboard out of the box, but it’s easy to switch to Gboard or another keyboard of your choice. We’re partial to Gboard because of the customization options on offer and the fact that Google Search is baked into the keyboard. Regardless of which keyboard you prefer, here’s how to switch keyboards on your Galaxy S20.

How to change the Galaxy S20’s default keyboard to Gboard or Swiftkey

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Chrome will soon block the worst kind of video ads by default

Immersion breaking video ads are the worst kind of ads.

What you need to know Google will take action against obtrusive video ads from August 2020. It will not show any ads on sites that repeatedly violate the new video policies. It will also review its own products like YouTube to ensure it remains in compliance.

Google, in line with new guidelines from the Coalition for Better ads, will be making moves against obtrusive video ads later  [Read More…]

New leak says the Galaxy S20’s display will run at 60Hz by default

You will have to manually change the refresh rate to 120Hz for a smoother experience.

What you need to know A new leak suggests Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S20 series phones will be set to 60Hz refresh rate by default, instead of 120Hz. It was recently rumored that the Galaxy S20 series phones might not support 120Hz at the highest Quad HD+ resolution. The Galaxy S20 series is set to be announced at Samsung’s next Unpacked event on  [Read More…]

Google Play Music no longer being default is the best thing for everyone

Through sheer dysfunction, Google Play Music’s demotion is actually the best thing for it.

Last week, Google announced that it would be YouTube Music, not Google Play Music, pre-installed as the default music app on all Android phones. Many people commented that this was terrible news for Play Music users and yet another nail in a coffin that must look like an iron maiden by now.

Actually, as a longtime GPM user, this news made me cheer.  [Read More…]

Google updates policies to not store Assistant audio data by default

Google will begin deleting audio data for Voice & Activity users in the future.

What you need to know By default, Google will no longer store any audio data on you from using Assistant. Google only stores audio data on you if you’ve enabled Voice & Audio Activity where humans may listen and transcribe audio clips to improve accuracy. Later this year Google will introduce sensitivity settings for the keywords that activate Assistant and begin deleting audio  [Read More…]

Google will let Android users in Europe choose their default search engine

Users can pick their preferred search provider from a choice screen when setting up an Android device for the first time.

What you need to know Google will allow Android users in Europe to select their default search provider using a new choice screen starting in early 2020. A new choice screen listing various search providers will be shown to users when they set up a new Android phone or tablet in Europe. Google will hold auctions  [Read More…]

Amazon is working on making one-day shipping the default for Prime members

One-day Prime shipping is coming as the default but not anytime soon.

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you’ve undoubtedly enjoyed the benefits of free two-day shipping, and it’s most likely the reason you even subscribe. Well, the good news is Amazon is looking to make shipping even better by cutting shipping time in half for Prime subscribers.

At the recent 2019 first-quarter earnings call, Amazon announced it is looking to make one-day shipments the default for  [Read More…]

PSA: Gestures aren’t turned on in Android P by default

Google’s not forcing you to swipe quite yet.

Android P is almost here, and one of its biggest features is the new navigation gestures. The new gestures are a welcome touch, but if you can’t live without your Home, Back, and Recents buttons, you’ve got nothing to fear.

When you update your phone to Android P, the gestures are turned off by default. If you want to enable them, you’ve got to go to Settings -> System ->  [Read More…]