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Pet food delivered: Buy dog & cat food online for home delivery

You know, you’re not the only one dealing with change during this self-isolation. Your animals really don’t understand why you keep hanging around all day and why you’ve worn the same shirt since Monday. And like always, they really want you to stay on top of the food situation. Lucky for you, you don’t have to make trips to the grocery store and risk ruining your excellent social distancing work. There are plenty of pet food delivery services online that  [Read More…]

Get a great microphone delivered to your door in these trying times

It’s hard to look on the bright side with everything that’s going on in the world right now, but during this period of self-isolation, most people have more free time than ever to finally kickstart that podcast idea or record more voiceovers. I’ve been using XLR mics for a number of years now, but USB mics are quicker and easier to set up, and work with just about any computer — some even work with phones! Best Buy’s currently offering  [Read More…]

Google and Dominos delivered Pixels and pizzas on Cyber Monday

The promotion ran for eight hours in Miami Beach on Cyber Monday.

What you need to know Google and Dominos came together to deliver Pixel 4 smartphones and pizzas on Cyber Monday. The limited-time offer was available to residents of Miami Beach, FL for eight hours through the pizzawithpixel.com website. The promo included the Cyber Monday $ 200 discount, a special edition case, and a free 12-inch pizza.

Back in October, Google and Dominos teamed up to  [Read More…]

FedEx stopped a Huawei phone from being delivered to the U.S. from the UK

Instead, the phone was sent back to London.

What you need to know A PCMag writer in the UK tried shipping a Huawei P30 to a colleague in the U.S. FedEx stopped the shipment due to “U.S. government issue with Huawei and China.” One Huawei rep says this is a “complete misinterpretation.”

The effects of the United States’ ban on Huawei has reached far and wide, resulting in a lot of hoops for the Chinese company to  [Read More…]

Amazon Prime members can now have packages delivered in their garage

The regular Key service is also expanding to a few new markets.

Key by Amazon began as a way to make receiving your packages more convenient while you are away from home. It does this by allowing for delivery people to place packages inside of your home or car to ensure it won’t get swiped before you can return, and now Amazon has expanded it to garages.

In order to use the service, you’ll need to be  [Read More…]

Get this $50 Google Play gift card delivered to your inbox for just $45

Practically free money.

Amazon currently has $ 50 Google Play digital gift cards available for just $ 45 when you use the coupon code GOOGLE, which means you score $ 5 for free with the purchase. Since it’s a digital gift card and you won’t have to wait for delivery, you can redeem it today and start using it. We know, you may be thinking that you don’t need $ 50 worth of apps or games, but  [Read More…]

The latest Alcatel Idol 3 update promised a better camera — and it delivered

A recent update for the Alcatel Idol 3 — one of our favorite budget-friendly Android phones of 2015 — came in to address some minor issues like double-tap to unlock sensitivity, and general performance. Like many minor (this one was only 46MB in size) updates, it also told us to expect “refinements to camera performance.”

I’m usually pretty skeptical when it comes to mystery updates that claim to make the camera better.  [Read More…]

The first Nexus 6 units are being delivered to customers today

If you were one of the first people to pre-order a Nexus 6, you may be in luck. Reports have come in that some units of the 6-inch Android 5.0 Lollipop smartphone have started to be delivered to a number of Android Central readers.

You can now have a Nest delivered same-day with Google Shopping Express (if you live in San Francisco)


If you live in the right area you can have your $ 249 thermostat delivered in a matter of hours.

Just a handful of weeks after Google’s acquisition of Nest was made official, Google Shopping Express will now deliver the home automation products right to your door the same day you order them. That is, if you live in San Francisco or San Jose. If you’ll recall, Google Shopping Express is the search  [Read More…]