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Zoom users must update the desktop app to continue joining meetings

Zoom is rolling out new GCM encryption, beginning May 30.

What you need to know Zoom is rolling out GCM encryption across its platform this weekend. That means if you want to keep using Zoom and joining meetings, you need to update. If you can’t update the desktop client, you can use the mobile app or the web client instead

Popular video-conferencing app Zoom has announced that users must update their desktop client after this weekend in  [Read More…]

The latest Chrome Canary beta finally brings Live Caption to the desktop

The company is also working on enabling Live Caption for phone calls.

What you need to know Alongside expanding support for more Android devices, Google is also working to bring Live Caption to the desktop. The latest Chrome Canary release includes an experimental flag to turn the feature on. Live Caption automatically generates captions for any audio or video playing in the browser, even if subtitles aren’t explicitly provided with the source file.

One of the most  [Read More…]

Instagram now lets everyone send DMs on the desktop

Facebook brings one of its best messaging services multi-platform.

What you need to know Instagram finally is rolling out web DMs to all users. The company announced a testing period in January for a select group of users. Facebook still plans on bridging all its messaging services eventually.

Instagram is finally rolling out desktop DMs after testing the feature for a few months. You’ll now be able to read, send, and respond to DMs from your browser  [Read More…]

The WD Easystore 4TB desktop hard drive has dropped to $75

The WD Easystore 4TB desktop hard drive is down to $ 74.99 through the Western Digital online store. The deal comes with free delivery, too. The 4TB of this hard drive is no longer sold in most places, but the 8TB version is going for $ 200 right now at Best Buy. The WD Elements drive is very similar and the 4TB version of that one goes for between $ 85 and $ 100 at places like B&H. So you  [Read More…]

Google is rethinking how it shows favicons on desktop search

Google is responding to a crescendo of criticism.

What you need to know Google tested a more colorful design for desktop Search, inspired by a similar mobile UI. The new design was criticized for the use of favicons which dulled the distinction between ads and content. Google has now stripped favicons from the design in response and plans to iterate on the UI a little more.

Last week, Google started rolling out a new, more colorful Search  [Read More…]

Google search results on the desktop now include favicons

The design was rolled out to mobile devices almost a year ago.

What you need to know Google is making some changes to the way search results are shown on the desktop. Starting this week, search results will be displayed alongside icons for the websites they link to. The redesign was propagated to mobile devices last year.

Google is redesigning desktop search results to put greater emphasis on website branding. This, the company argues, can both help  [Read More…]

You can finally send Instagram DMs on desktop

Instagram Direct is no longer a mobile exclusive.

What you need to know Facebook is adding Instagram Direct to the Instagram web app. Previously, users had to rely on either the mobile/mobile web apps. Today’s rollout is just a test, with only a few users gaining access to it.

Facebook will be adding Direct Messaging to Instagram’s desktop site as of today, as per a report from The Verge.. It’ll work much like how DMs work on  [Read More…]

If a desktop or laptop is all you have, can you still watch Disney+?

Best answer: Yes, you can watch Disney+ on your computer through a browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

In a galaxy not so far away: Disney+ (From $ 7/mo at Disney+) On the cusp

November 12 is the date to have circled on your calendar is you are someone who’s looking forward to the launch of Disney+, and who wouldn’t be? For years Disney content has been spread across various streaming services; even then, everything wasn’t  [Read More…]

Chrome 78 beta on desktop lets users send phone numbers to their phone

You don’t need to have the latest Chrome beta installed on your phone to be able to use the ‘Click to Call’ feature.

What you need to know Google is testing a new feature in Chrome beta v78 that lets users right click on a number and call it from their phone. When clicking on a hyperlinked phone number, users will be able to choose which device they want to call the number from. In addition to  [Read More…]

Google Chrome gets customizable themes on desktop, tab grouping on Android

Google says some more improvements are coming to Chrome later in the fall.

What you need to know Google is introducing new features to its Chrome browser for both desktop and Android users. The latest Chrome update allows desktop users to customize the browser with their choice of background, color, and theme. New features that are being rolled out to Android users include new tab grid layout and tab grouping.

Last week, Google released the stable Chrome  [Read More…]