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Google brings its Advanced Protection Program to Nest devices

Until now, it wasn’t possible for users to use their Google Account with both Advanced Protection and Nest devices.

What you need to know Google has finally brought its Advanced Protection Program to Nest devices. The Advanced Protection Program offers additional safeguards against fraudulent access, phishing, and malware. It is aimed at people that are at high risk of targeted attacks, such as activists, journalists, and people working on elections.

Google’s Advanced Protection Program, which is designed  [Read More…]

Here’s your chance to save $900 on a pair of Samsung Galaxy S10 devices

There is never any reason why you should be paying full price for a new smartphone. There’s always a deal to be had, whether it involves buying the device out-right or making monthly payments on it. Take the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 deal at Verizon for example. You can score $ 600 off any of the S10 models when you buy another S10 at regular price with monthly device payments and add a line to any Unlimited plan. That would  [Read More…]

Amazon adds a new ‘free’ content tab to Fire TV devices

Amazon’s Fire TV service has lots of free content, this new tab will surface it better.

What you need to know Amazon adds a new “free” tab to Fire TV devices. The new tab will highlight free content from Amazon as well as third-party providers. U.S. users will begin to see it starting today.

Amazon is rolling out a new “free” tab for Fire TV devices. The new experience will help highlight free content on the platform,  [Read More…]

What platforms and devices is Google Meet available on?

Best answer: Google Meet is compatible with most desktop systems, Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and even some Linux systems like Ubuntu. There are also apps available for Android, iOS, and iPad OS.

Stay Connected: Google Meet (Free at Google Play) Easy to use on desktop or mobile

Google Meet was originally developed as part of the G Suite, and as such, it was made with as few barriers to use as possible. Beyond the normal Mac and  [Read More…]

Stadia now supports OnePlus devices, adds Android screenshot feature

You can grab images of your favorite Stadia titles with ease.

What you need to know Stadia has received some updates in April, bringing some features fans have been asking for. To start, Stadia now supports OnePlus devices. Additionally, you can now take screenshots on Android devices with Stadia.

In a blog post, Google recapped all the new updates, features and announcements for Stadia during the month of April. Stadia is now compatible with OnePlus 8 and  [Read More…]

Do Ring devices work with Google Assistant?

Best answer: Yes, Ring devices do work with Google Assistant. Ring has an official Google Assistant app that links all devices on your Ring account to your Google account and makes them available in Google Home.

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These are the best Ring devices you can get right now for your smart home

Ring is one of the most well-known providers of smart home and home security solutions, and despite a rough 2019, the company has continued to produce some of the best products in this space. Ring has done a much better job of responding to and addressing the increased demand for additional data privacy controls and promises additional customer controls. With a couple of new video doorbells recently released, we thought it was a good time to review what our favorite  [Read More…]

Kickstart your smart home with this one-day sale on Amazon devices

You’re probably well aware of Alexa even if you’re yet to add a smart speaker to your home. Whether you’re just getting started with smart home stuff or want to have access to Alexa’s smarts in more rooms, this one-day sale on Amazon Echo devices at Woot is for you. Almost all of the devices are offered in new condition which means the only thing you’re missing out on is paying full price. The Echo Show 8 on sale is  [Read More…]

All the differences between the types of folding devices

Folding phones and PCs come in different shapes and sizes. Here’s how they all stack up (so far).

A history of the folding phone Galaxy Z Flip vs. Moto RAZR Why your next phone should be a foldable Why your next phone shouldn’t be a foldable Our phones are our most important fashion accessory The clamshell foldable is the new ‘small’ phone All the differences between foldable devices Should you buy a foldable phone  [Read More…]

Use Stadia to play these games across your devices

Google has promised that it will bring 120 games to its new Stadia platform by 2020, including more than 10 titles with exclusive launches. The Stadia Pro subscription, which is currently the only way to use the service, includes some free games as part of the $ 10 per month fee. You’ll also get discounts on some game purchases and will be able to keep your library if you cancel once the free Stadia Base option becomes available later this  [Read More…]