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DiRT 5 makes its big debut, coming to both PS5 and Google Stadia

Codemaster’s next off-road racer will hit PS5 alongside Xbox Series X with a Stadia debut to follow in 2021.

What you need to know DiRT 5 was revealed during Microsoft’s Xbox Series X showcase for the first time. Due to launch in October, it will be available on PS5 as well as PS4, Xbox One and Steam. Google Stadia debut set for early 2021.

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Here’s an early look at Walmart’s new dirt cheap Android 10 tablets

The yet to be announced tablets will be a nice upgrade to last year’s budget Android 9 tablets.

What you need to know There will be an 8 and 10-inch offering, each running Android 10 out of the box. A MediaTek MT8768WA processor will power the tablets. Pricing is expected to be $ 99 for the 8-inch and $ 129 for the 10-inch variation.

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Kick up dirt in ‘Colin McRae Rally’ for Android [Retro Review]

Colin McRae Rally is still one of the purest racing games for Android.

It’s hard to find pure racing games on Android — games that don’t bog you down with in-app currencies to monitor, put limits on the number of races or lock you into switching lanes. Is it too much to ask for a game that just delivers honest-to-goodness racing?

Play Colin McRae Rally on GameStash

Surprisingly, the answer for me is a game series  [Read More…]

Chairman Eric Schmidt dishes the dirt on Google in new tell-all book

Ever wonder what really happens behind the scenes at Google and how the Internet search giant operates? Google Executive Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt along with former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg will give you the inside scoop on the internal workings of Google in How Google Works, a book that’s also available as an e-book in the Play store.

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