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Here’s why OnePlus is temporarily disabling the color filter lens in India

The OnePlus 8 Pro’s color filter camera is disabled out of the box in India, but it will be usable via a future OTA update.

What you need to know The OnePlus 8 Pro is launching with the color filter camera disabled out of the box in India. The move comes after it was found that the 5MP lens can see through thin layers of plastic and clothing. OnePlus is working on an OTA to fix the  [Read More…]

Silence those klaxons by disabling emergency alerts on your Samsung Galaxy

Before I begin this how-to, I want to start by saying that Amber and emergency alerts play a vital role in spreading public safety and security announcements, and these are essential communications. Acting quickly on locating injured or missing children or elderly is also vital. That being said, I am human, and I can acknowledge that there have been occasions where I really couldn’t be interrupted (especially by a blaring horn sound), or I was already aware of  [Read More…]

Samsung may finally be disabling the Note 7 for good

Say goodnight, Gracie.

Apparently, the Verge received an image from a Galaxy Note 7 user on US Cellular today about the fate of the now-deceased Note 7 line. In the photo, a message saying it was from US Cellular states: AS OF DEC. 15, SAMSUNG WILL MODIFY THE SOFTWARE TO PREVENT THE GALAXY NOTE7 FROM CHARGING. THE PHONE WILL NO LONGER WORK.” The message, in all caps so you know they meant business, spells out what  [Read More…]