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More people should be looking to ditch their unlimited data plan

Unlimited plans are simple, but now’s a great time to evaluate whether you actually need one.

The advent of unlimited data plans in the U.S., taking off starting in 2017, has simplified billing and relieved stress for a ton of people. Per-gigabyte data plans started to seem antiquated — and potentially expensive — as we headed toward a future of video calls, multiplayer gaming, sharing huge photo and video files, and all-streaming media consumption. But now that  [Read More…]

Google’s Pixel 5 may ditch Project Soli and Motion Sense

Google seems set to drop a failed idea.

What you need to know Google’s Pixel 5 may ditch the Soli radar chip. Project Soli powered the Motion Sense feature of the Pixel 4 and 4 XL. It also drained battery and added little benefit to the phone’s experience as a whole.

With the Pixel 4, Google brought a new feature — Motion Sense — to the Pixel line. Powered by the innovative Project Soli, Motion Sense added  [Read More…]

Google still trying to get consumers to ditch new Microsoft Edge for Chrome

Google keeps trying to make people switch away from the new Microsoft Edge.

What you need to know Several Google services show pop-ups within the new Microsoft Edge to try to get people to switch to Google Chrome. Google docs, Google’s search page, Google News, and Google Translate show prompts to switch to Chrome. Google also shows pop-ups in the Chrome web store to try to get people to switch to Chrome.

Google continues to try to  [Read More…]

Ready to ditch Sonos? There are the best alternatives

Now more than ever before, speakers are more than just a singular tool for listening to your favorite music. Modern speakers often have built-in ways to play songs from your preferred streaming service, talk to digital assistants, and connect to other speakers in your home for multi-room audio. Sonos has become one of the most popular brands in the current speaker world, offering a multi-room system that’s proven to be among the best out there. However, if you’re  [Read More…]

U.S. official rehashes calls for U.K. to ditch Huawei equipment

The country’s national security advisor said it was “shocking” the U.K. considered Huawei as anything but a national security decision.

What you need to know A senior official in the Trump administration has once again urged the U.K. government to abandon all plans of incorporating Huawei’s equipment in the country’s 5G infrastructure. China will, through Huawei, “steal wholesale state secrets,” said National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien. The top aide said everything from the country’s nuclear secrets to  [Read More…]

Ditch the wires with these Pixel 4 charging pads

Wireless charging on Pixel phones has only been around for a year now, and after being hobbled on the Pixel 3, Google has answered our prays and made the Pixel 4 more widely compatible with fast Qi charging by supporting 10W charging on far more chargers through the Extended Power Profile. Whether you prefer vertical stands that you can use with Motion Sense’s swift face unlocking and flat pads, there’s ample options now for the Pixel 4.

Futureproof Anker PowerWave  [Read More…]

You should ditch Spotify until it ditches its latest policy

Spotify doesn’t need to get your location “from time to time” to take your money or play your music.

I’m saying goodbye to Spotify this week, and if you care about privacy, you may want to as well. At least until it figures out that we don’t want the company tracking our location in order to have a family plan.

That’s what is happening here. Spotify’s family plan is super cheap, and the rules say everyone participating  [Read More…]

Ditch the wires with these Qi car chargers

Driving is an excellent time to charge your phone up, especially if you tend to have long commutes. However, plugging and unplugging your phone every single time you get into the car is a pain, especially when so many of our phones have wireless charging that’s perfect for this. Qi chargers have been slowly creeping into our offices and homes. If you’re using a Qi-enabled phone, you should absolutely grab one of these chargers and go wire-free in the car.

  [Read More…]

Ditch the nav bar on the latest Samsung phones with One UI

With OneUI and Android Pie, Samsung — like Google and OnePlus — is offering a gesture navigation system option to replace the traditional nav bar if you so choose. Unlike Google and OnePlus, Samsung’s version keeps the Recents “button” alongside Home and Back, and even has two modes to help you ease into your bar-less experience. Whether you want to try the new modes or just want to put your nav buttons back the way you want them,  [Read More…]

Ditch the cable and go wireless with these charging pads and stands

Charging your phone via cable is the best way to get a fast charge, but it can be cumbersome if you’re not near a charging outlet, are picking your phone up a lot throughout the day, or would simply rather not deal with cables. That’s where an excellent wireless charging pad comes into play. These are the best wireless charging pads for your Android phone.

Note: Regarding Samsung’s Fast Charging capabilities, while many of these stands claim to charge  [Read More…]