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No, the OnePlus 8 Pro doesn’t have an ‘x-ray’ camera

Let me teach you how infrared light works.

Update: OnePlus has released a statement on the color filter camera, saying it’s planning to release a software update that changes the “photochrom” mode’s functionality in order to address new-found privacy concerns.

You may have heard that people have discovered the OnePlus 8 Pro‘s dedicated “color filter” camera has a bonus feature: it can see through (some) plastic. The capability, generally now being dubbed as an “x-ray camera,”  [Read More…]

Top members of the Pixel team leaving doesn’t guarantee future failures

What they were doing wasn’t necessarily working — so might as well try something new.

While we’re all waiting for the Pixel 4a launch, and salivating for any Pixel 5 rumors, a new report from The Information has given us a look into what’s been happening behind closed doors in Google’s Pixel team — and on the face of it, it’s not good. Mark Levoy, one of the biggest champions of Google’s camera efforts, and Mario Queiroz, general  [Read More…]

Google doesn’t plan on a return to offices before June 1

The worst may be behind us, but a return to normalcy will not be as rapid as the path into crisis.

What you need to know Google is planning a slow, gradual return to office life Site-specific guidance will be deployed, and teams will continue to monitor local health alerts and guidance even after a return has begun. It won’t make any movements before June 1, citing stay-at-home orders and local equivalents.

Alphabet was one of the  [Read More…]

COVID-19 doesn’t care about stupid 5G conspiracy theories

It’s time to stop the stupid and listen to the science when it comes to 5G.

Did you know that COVID-19 was a manufactured bioweapon and somehow 5G telecom networks can transmit it? Of course you didn’t, because that’s absolutely stupid and not true on any level. But that won’t stop some people from spreading it around.

Some crazy things are harmless. You might get a spam email from your mom about it and have to explain  [Read More…]

Doom Eternal doesn’t run at 4K resolution on Google Stadia

No console gives you a native 4K image.

What you need to know Doom Eternal is an upcoming first-person shooter from id Software. It’s supposed to launch on March 20. The Google Stadia version renders at 1800p resolution and 60 frames per second just like Xbox One X. You can preorder Doom Eternal for $ 60 on Amazon.

Doom Eternal is an upcoming first-person shooter from id Software. The game is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Doom  [Read More…]

The Motorola RAZR is cool, but it doesn’t stand a chance against the Z Flip

Foldable done right Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

$ 1,380 at Samsung

Pros Display is made of ultra-thin glass More powerful specs Bigger battery with wireless charging Available with carriers and unlocked Lower price Cons Secondary screen is tiny Still a crease on the folding display

The Galaxy Z Flip is the newest folding phone to hit the market, and from what we can tell, it’s the better choice over the Motorola RAZR in virtually every single  [Read More…]

Xiaomi’s latest fitness tracker doesn’t look like one at all

The Mijia Quartz Watch doesn’t look like your average fitness tracker, but it is hiding a lot of smarts.

Xiaomi is known primarily for its phones, but the Chinese brand is the second-largest wearable manufacturer in the world. That’s down to its affordable line of fitness bands under the Mi Band label, but that’s not all Xiaomi makes. It introduced a full-fledged smartwatch last month, and over the years it has launched a few hybrid wearables, like  [Read More…]

Disney+ doesn’t have a hacking problem — it has a password problem

Disney+ doesn’t have a hacking problem — but does have a password problem.

It’s not (totally) Disney’s fault if you’re reusing a weak password in the first place. But Disney also still has some work to do.

Repeat after me: “I will not use a password more than once. I will use a password manager of some kind to create strong, unique passwords. And I will, whenever possible, use some form of two-factor authentication.”

You should repeat  [Read More…]

The Pixel 4 doesn’t support 4K 60fps video because it uses too much space

Also, most users stick to 1080p.

What you need to know The Pixel 4 doesn’t shoot 4K video at 60fps because it uses too much storage space. Google also found that most users stick with 1080p and chose to focus on improving that over implementing 4K at 60fps. The camera is still capable of filming 4K but is limited to 30fps.

The Pixel line of smartphones is regarded by many as one of the best phone cameras  [Read More…]