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How to see your downloaded music on Spotify

One of Spotify’s best features for Premium members is the ability to save local copies of albums and playlists for offline playback. This is a great way to cut back on your monthly data usage, and of course, it lets you listen to your favorite songs without a data connection, which is particularly useful for frequent travelers. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t make it immediately obvious how to find your locally stored music, so we’re here to help.

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Here’s the most downloaded PlayStation games of December 2019

Players really wanted Call of Duty, GTA and Star Wars over the holidays.

What you need to know PlayStation has revealed the most downloaded PlayStation titles of December 2019. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Grand Theft Auto V and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order led the top of the list. Beat Saber was the most downloaded PlayStation VR game.

While 2020 is now underway, PlayStation has shared the stats of the most downloaded games on the PlayStation  [Read More…]

Call of Duty: Mobile has already been downloaded over 20 million times

Call of Duty: Mobile is doing quite well.

What you need to know Activision recently released Call of Duty: Mobile. The game is a free-to-play experience for Android and iOS. Call of Duty: Mobile features a battle royale mode with a hundred players. It’s been downloaded over 20 million times, with India leading the charge.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a first-person shooter on Android and iOS. While the game is affiliated with Activision, it’s actually made  [Read More…]

Have you downloaded the November 2018 security patch?

The patch is steadily rolling out to users as we speak.

Yesterday was November 5, and in the Android world, that means it was a day for a new security patch.

The November 2018 patch was officially released yesterday afternoon, and with it comes the usual assortment of bug fixes and some Pixel-specific tweaks such as improved picture-in-picture performance and enhanced notification stability.

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How to store downloaded Netflix content on a microSD card

How do I store my offline Netflix content to a microSD card?

Netflix has just been updated with the ability to download offline content onto a microSD card. It’s awesome! This comes after the app was updated to support offline content in the first place.

There are a couple of stipulations, of course: not every device supports the new feature, and you can only store the content that can actually be saved offline in the first place,  [Read More…]

Google: 5 million Cardboard viewers shipped, 25 million VR apps downloaded

Google has announced that it has shipped more than 5 million Cardboard VR viewers — this milestone comes just 19 months after the project launched. The company also notes that its seen 25 million installs of Cardboard apps from Google Play already, which shows that people are definitely interested in experimenting with them. The top five apps are Chair in a Room, Vrse, Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue, Caaaaaard-board! and Proton Pulse. Beyond just games, so far people  [Read More…]

Google introduces interactive ads that can stream games before they are downloaded

Google recently introduced app streaming in its search results, and now the company is announcing new interactive ads that will allow you to stream games from an ad before downloading them. After finding that one in four installed apps were never even used by most users, Google tried to find a new way to entice users and showcase the app at its best.

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Amazon Music adds Android Wear support, songs can now be downloaded to SD card

Amazon Music has gained support for its top requested feature, the ability to download songs to an SD card for offline listening. With this, you’ll be able to put your own music, or songs and albums from Prime Music on your SD card instead of having it take up your on-board storage.

Chrome browser can now be downloaded and used legally in Cuba

Residents in Cuba can now download and use Google‘s Chrome web browser legally for the first time allowing the few Internet users in that country access to the software.

Android 101: How to restrict certain apps from being downloaded from the Android Market

Market controls Marketk controls

Parental controls are a slippery slope on any platform. And make no mistake about it — your child will at some point find a way around any walls you erect. But if you still want to give it a go, you can set the Android Market to only allow apps or a certain “maturity level” to be downloaded to a device, also known as content  [Read More…]