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7 early Cyber Monday deals at Amazon include televisions, laptops and more

Yes, Black Friday is over, but the deals keep on coming with Cyber Monday incoming.

With Black Friday in the rearview mirror, attention now turns to Cyber Monday, Dec. 2. Of course, sales aren’t exclusive to only one day on the calendar.

As Saturday begins, here are seven of the hottest early Amazon Cyber Monday deals:

Your internet at a new level eero Pro mesh WiFi system – 3-Pack

$ 349 at Amazon $ 210 at  [Read More…]

Early tests call Google Stadia’s quality into question, and that’s a shame

The visual quality just isn’t that good.

Google Stadia is a cloud game streaming service that promises the best visuals given its power advantage over the competition. When the service was first revealed, the company said that it featured 10.7 teraflops (tflops) of computational power compared to 6 tflops for the Xbox One X and 4.2 tflops for the PlayStation 4 Pro. Naturally, gamers assumed that this would mean that every game was going to be at  [Read More…]

8 early Walmart Black Friday you can buy right now

Black Friday will be here before you know it. There’s only 10 more days until this year’s biggest shopping day is actually here, but if you aren’t already taking advantage of deals that are available right now, you’re missing out.

Knowing where to shop on Black Friday definitely requires some planning and understanding about the benefits of certain retailers. Over the past two or so years, Walmart has made some rather large changes to the way the company  [Read More…]

Start Black Friday shopping early with 75% off this electric toothbrush

A great smile is the best first impression, but dental care involves much more than maintaining a set of pearly whites. You’ll have a much harder time getting rid of plaque with an old plastic toothbrush, but with this early Black Friday deal, you can get a high-quality electric toothbrush for just $ 34.

The AquaSonic Black Series is an electric toothbrush designed to eliminate 10 times more plaque than a regular plastic toothbrush. Its 40,000 VPN motor easily  [Read More…]

Take $60 off Oclu’s 4K HD action cam with this early Black Friday deal

The GoPro revolutionized the action cam market by allowing everyday adventurers to capture their antics in stunning HD clarity. The only problem is that the GoPro is needlessly expensive, and several competing cams offer the same power and functionality at a fraction of the price.

This Oclu Award-Winning Action Camera, for instance, allows you to record in stunning 4K video and edit footage on the go, and it’s available for over 15% off at just $ 239.99 as part  [Read More…]

Minecraft Earth Early Access launches in the UK

It’s launching worldwide by the end of 2019.

What you need to know Minecraft Earth Early Access is now available in the UK. The team will continue to add features in the coming weeks and months. The game is available for free on the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.

Minecraft Earth Early Access is now available in the United Kingdom. According to the team, the free-to-play game blends augmented reality with  [Read More…]

Dell’s Black Friday deals start early — today!

Dell’s not wasting any time this year when it comes to Black Friday shopping. Though its ad for the major shopping holiday was just released today, there are already deals live right now to browse and even more to prepare to snag in the next few weeks as the big day approaches.

Deals worth considering

Desktop computers, laptops, essential office accessories, home theater equipment, and more are all going on sale during Dell’s Black Friday sale, with select discounts available  [Read More…]

NVIDIA’s upcoming Shield refresh goes live early on Amazon

Dolby Atmos And Dolby Vision are finally together.

It’s been a pretty well-known secret that a new NVIDIA Shield is on the way, thanks to some code diving and a trip or two through the FCC and Bluetooth and Wifi regulatory organizations.

But someone apparently has hit the wrong button on Amazon, and the new NVIDIA Shield TV Pro has been splayed out before us in all its glory. (It was spotted earlier by @androidtv_rumors on Twitter,  [Read More…]

Minecraft Earth early access is now playable in New Zealand and Iceland

The Minecraft Earth open beta expands to two different countries.

What you need to know Minecraft Earth is currently in open beta testing. This early access is rolling out across different countries at different times. Players in New Zealand and Iceland can now play Minecraft Earth in early access. Other countries will be announced in the future.

Earlier this year, we reported that Minecraft Earth open beta would begin rolling out in October, with different countries getting  [Read More…]

Here’s an early look at Samsung’s Android 10 beta

It’s a bit more than just a nip and a tuck; here are the big improvements in Android 10 for the Galaxy S10.

What you need to know Android 10 beta with One UI 2.0 is rolling out to the Galaxy S10 in some countries. A number of big UI changes and improvements are in store for users, including accessibility improvements and gestures. Digital Wellbeing and parental control additions are some of the more important changes.

Samsung’s  [Read More…]