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YouTube moderators have to acknowledge growing risk of PTSD — or else

Some employees have been threatened with firing for refusal to sign.

What you need to know YouTube’s moderators have been forced to sign a new document that acknowledges the job could lead to the development of PTSD and other mental health conditions. Failure to adhere to the mental health stipulations are classed as “serious misconduct.” The document has been criticized as coercive and borderline illegal by labor lawyers.

YouTube’s moderation practices have come under scrutiny again. A  [Read More…]

ASUS 6z launches in India for just ₹31,999 ($460), undercuts everyone else

ASUS is once again offering the best value in town with the ASUS 6z.

What you need to know ASUS has launched the ZenFone 6 as the ASUS 6z in India. The base variant costs just ₹31,999 ($ 460), making it a stellar deal. Sales kick off June 26, with the device exclusive to Flipkart.

ASUS was scheduled to launch the ZenFone 6 in India earlier this month, but the event was derailed by a lawsuit that  [Read More…]

Stadia promises an exciting future but everyone else needs to be there, too

It’s time for the gaming industry to grow up.

If you read my piece a few weeks ago about the greatest phone that ever existed (go ahead, fight me on it), you knew how excited I was for GDC. That’s because I knew Google was about to announce one of the biggest threats to the gaming industry’s status quo since Battle Royale games became mainstream.

Google’s Stadia, as it’s known, is very forward-thinking stuff. It’s a gaming  [Read More…]

How I find the best smartphones for me (or anyone else buying one)

Get a smartphone that you’re almost guaranteed to love.

It’s spring! While we’re gearing up to enjoy the coming warmth, sunshine, and fresh flowers, many smartphone makers are preparing the new wonderful devices they want you to spend your money on.

I like to call it upgrade season. There are two of those, actually, with the other coming right around autumn when the inventory-clearing holiday sales urge more people to spend money.

It’s not enough to simply  [Read More…]

Grab LG’s G7 ThinQ at Walmart for $50 less than you can anywhere else

This 64GB smartphone features three cameras, a 6.1-inch display, and 4GB RAM.

Who wants to pay over a thousand dollars for a device that will be outdated in a year? The unlocked LG G7 ThinQ 64GB Smartphone is on sale at Walmart right now for $ 399, saving you $ 250 off its current price via Amazon. Other retailers have it as low as $ 450. This well-rounded phone offers top-notch audio and tons of screen to  [Read More…]

The Walking Dead: Our World for Android — News, Tips & Tricks, and Everything else!

Blast zombies and rescue survivors in The Walking Dead: Our World!

It seems we can’t go a full month without another augmented reality mobile game launch. The latest franchise to try its hand at the AR craze is The Walking Dead: Our World, a game developed by Next Games based around the popular post-apocalyptic zombie drama on AMC.

An augmented reality game for fans of zombies survival

For the hardcore fans of The  [Read More…]

Putting Google Assistant in everything is easy — getting everything *else* in there is hard

Now that Google and Qualcomm have the silicon worked out, it’s time to get (really) serious about the services.

It sure didn’t take Google too long to reach parity with Amazon on the hardware front, did it? Consider how long the Amazon Echo has been around. Decades, right? (OK, just a few years now — the OG Echo was released in limited numbers at the end of 2014.) Google Home has been around for a year and change. Both pretty  [Read More…]

This $64 eBags professional backpack can hold your laptop and everything else you need

This Thrifter deal gets an awesome laptop backpack down to its lowest price ever!

The eBags Professional Slim laptop backpack is down to $ 63.99 with code 9X364AZP on Amazon. This bag normally sells for at least $ 100, if not more. The price drop to $ 64 is its lowest ever.

This deal is only available on the Heathered Graphite color, but Solid Black is down to $ 80, which isn’t bad. Unfortunately, if you were looking for  [Read More…]

Moto E4 Plus vs. Moto G5 Plus: Battery vs. everything else

When it comes to budget phones, Motorola takes the cake. But what happens when it’s Moto vs. Moto?

You’d be forgiven for not fully understanding Motorola’s release strategy in the U.S., since it not only differs to many other parts of the world, but the carriers play a role here that they often don’t in other markets.

That brings us to the Moto E4 Plus, which recently launched at carriers like Verizon, Sprint and Ting, and unlocked  [Read More…]

Google wants you to (what else?) use its search engine to find things to do

Feeling droll and aching for something new to do? Ask Google.

Google doesn’t want you to use a separate app or scour the depths of the internet to find something interesting to do. Instead, it wants you to give its ol’ search engine a try. The latest update to the Google app and mobile website enables the search engine to tap into feeds from services like Eventbrite, Meetup, and Songkick to directly  [Read More…]