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117 new emoji coming in 2020 including ninja, bubble tea, and more

Express yourself with a green bell pepper, black cat, or non-binary symbol.

What you need to know The 2020 emoji lineup has been announced. There are 117 new emoji coming this year. There is finally a roller skate emoji.

Every year, the Unicode Consortium votes on and approves a new set of emoji symbols for the year. Emoji 13.0 was just announced today and with it comes a laundry list of 117 new symbols (no laundry list  [Read More…]

Samsung will greatly simplify update process for new emoji with One UI 2

Could this be the harbinger of simpler updates for other system features?

What you need to know Samsung is moving emoji updates from the system software to a standalone .APK package. This could mean shorter testing time and fewer approvals in between updates. The new procedure will be part of Samsung One UI 2.0, according to XDA Developers.

In the past, if Samsung updated its emoji, the manufacturer included the update as part of a larger system-wide  [Read More…]

These are the ten most popular emoji, including 😂 and ❤️

Love and laughter are the most commonly expressed emotions.

What you need to know The Unicode Consortium is the body responsible for maintaining the standards for encoding text and symbols (such as emojis). The list ranks emoji based on how frequently they’re used. Frequency of use is one of the key factors that determine if an emoji will be added to the Unicode Standard.

The Unicode Consortium this week released its list of the most frequenly used  [Read More…]

How to access and use emoji on Android

To celebrate World Emoji Day, we thought we’d show you how to express yourself to the fullest! Emoji are awesome little glyphs that can be combined, communicated, and interpreted a million ways and counting. Whether you just want to send a 💖 to your grandkids or prod 🔱 your kids to clean their rooms, here’s how to open the emoji on the keyboard you’re most likely to encounter on an Android phone.

Keyboards used in this guide Google’s  [Read More…]

Here are the 65 emoji being added to Android Q

You can try the new emoji today if you have enrolled in the Android Q Beta program.

What you need to know On World Emoji Day, Google has announced that it will be adding 65 new emoji with Android Q later this year. Some of the upcoming emoji include a sloth, an otter, garlic, waffle, and 71 couples with varied skin tones. Google is also supporting 53 emojis with gender-inclusive designs.

On the occasion of World Emoji  [Read More…]

Gboard now suggests GIFs, stickers, and emoji based on your conversation

Available for Android users starting today.

Gboard’s the go-to keyboard for most of us here at Android Central thanks to its sleek design, great layout, and a heap of handy features. Today, it’s getting an update to help you find GIFs, stickers, and more without having to manually search for them.

When you’re typing in Gboard, a new “GIF” icon will appear to the left of the autocorrect field. Tap on that and you’ll see GIFs, stickers,  [Read More…]

AR Emoji update improves facial tracking and custom options on the Galaxy S9

Is anyone still using these?

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 and S9+ earlier this year, one of the more whimsical new features demoed was AR Emoji, Samsung’s competitor to the iPhone X’s Animoji. In short, the app scans your face and quickly spits out an animated version of you, with facial tracking and customizable options for hair, clothing, and skin tone.

With the latest update to AR Emoji, those custom options are expanding to help you  [Read More…]

Samsung’s AR Emoji are better than Animoji in every way but the one that matters

You’re going to see way more AR Emoji than you ever will Animoji.

Apple’s iPhone X launched with a quirky little emoji thing where you can use your face to animate an emoji message to send to your friends. It’s cute, but Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is launching with something far more feature complete and accessible. The new AR Emoji feature is going to see adoption rates well over what Apple has seen with Animoji, but there’s one  [Read More…]

Samsung Experience 9.0 makes emoji on Galaxy devices less awful

Seriously, what was going on with that grimacing face?

Depending on what phone you have, chances are the emoji on your handset look slightly different when compared to the ones on your friends and family members’ phones. A lot of companies have their own unique art style when it comes to emoji, and Samsung is one of them that tended to abuse this trend.

The Samsung Experience 9.0 / Android Oreo update is now rolling out to  [Read More…]

This year’s 157 new emoji include kangaroos, toilet paper, feet, and more

2018 is the year of red-headed emoji.

Although they’re easy to make fun of, emoji have quickly become a standard addition to text-based communication. They’re something I use every single day when talking to both friends and work colleagues, and in 2018, the world will be graced (or cursed) with 157 more of them.

The new emoji for 2018 are part of Emoji 11.0, and they’ll be released with Unicode 11.0 this June. I won’t go through every  [Read More…]